Jenna_Montreal Application

MC name: Jenna_Montreal
I joined MC years ago… cant find an exact date sorry ;~;
I used to play RPC back in the day and rejoining after so long
never been banned so far…
I hearted the terms cause I cant press the accepted icon
Lupian race please :smiley:

Jenna Montreal:
Race: Arctic Fox
Age: 21 Female
Follows the Wolvanic Religion
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Fur: Silver grey, white tipped ears, white crested nose, white tipped tail, caramel brown long hair
Associated with: Guardians(minutemen), S.S.R. (Elite Task Force)
Occupation: Guardian
Education: Self-taught and World Experience
Strength: Magical affinity
Weakness: Co-dependence on Fang(Mate)
Likes: Sweets, Hugs, Cuddles, Helping
Dislikes: War
Jenna is a young fox from Wolvanica, being a soldier of a constant civil war she is used to it, albeit dislikes it, especially after seeing the horrors it brings. Even so, She was able to find love, her mate, Fang. However, this didn’t last long as she ends up getting hit with a blast of magic that sends her to a different dimension. Being where she meets a new friend who ended up in the same boat as her. A police officer, Karyna Barker.(This one)

Karyna Barker:
Race: German Shepard
Age: 28 Female
Religious Faith Hidden
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Fur: Black fur on back and up to her shoulders, medium-light brown to a tan center, black muzzle with medium-light brown head, Orange-brown tail with a darker brown strip before the lighter tan tip, Orange-brown short hair
Associated with: EOC(Emergency Operation Center), Police, Fire, EMS, Mutal Aid, Aurora Valley
Occupation: Chief of EOC
Education: College Degree in Medicine
Strength: Medical knowledge, Policing, firefighting, weapon use, Coffee
Weakness: Coffee(Lots and Lots of coffee)
Likes: Sweets, COFFEE, Order, kindness, Crime investigation
Dislikes: War, Criminals, murder, crime
Karyna is a middle-aged, German shepherd who sought to be a police officer, after going to college and having a normal life, she achieved that goal, and became the Deputy of Chief of her department. However there ended up a fight between fire ems and police about leadership during a situation and it ended up with several innocent lives being lost. She was then blamed as a scapegoat by the others and she decided to build her own department where all three were unified under a single roof where something like that would never happen again. When those three departments ended up in the same situation once more, this time Karyna shown through with her members and saved several lives, and became labeled as a hero. After a few years of maintaining a new city, she was called out to check out a crime scene where she ended up getting drugged from behind by the departments who hated her before somehow ending in a new demension, finding a lost young fox along the way. She vowed to protect the innocent, and this girl was no different.

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