Jump into Spring ---Build Contest 26/03/2020 - 01/04/2020

Hello, all roleplaycrafters! As we are coming out of Winter and to celebrate the coming of spring we are hosting a Spring-themed Building Contest that will run from the 26th of March until April 1st 2020 of this year! Now written below will be some important information for you to consider when joining this Contest!

:scroll: Contest Rules and Regulations :scroll:

  • The contest will be held on a separate roleplaycraft world specifically for contests.
    – Why? This is to facilitate and ensure that our rules are followed and cheating in items into your survival inventory is not allowed.
    – The Contest warp will be provided on March 26th 2020

  • Entry into this contest is by a single person
    – This means that you can not participate in a team to earn the rewards of this contest.

  • Each contestant will be forced to use Survival and gather resources to create their minecraft build.
    – Each contestant will be given access to a square of minecraft chunks to build something of a respectable size.

  • Each contestant will have until the end of April 1st 2020 to complete their build
    – After that we will go into judgment of the entered builds
    – There will be a poll set up on the forum of which people can vote for their favorite build but in the end it will come down to a Staff vote who is the winner and runner ups for the event.
    – Players will be allowed to vote for their favorite builds for 1-3 days after they have been posted to the forums and after the end of staff votes, Winners will have their prizes delivered to them and be announced on the forums and in-game!

  • The Theme of the contest is :cherry_blossom: Spring :cherry_blossom: !

  • Anything that goes against the rules and terms of service will be immediately disqualified and consequences will occur.

:star: Rewards :star:

  • 1st Place :trophy:
    – The winner of first place will have their build put into a plot in our minecraft spawn area to proudly show off their build!
    – The will win 5,000 GC of in-game currency

  • 2nd Place :trophy:
    – They will win 2,500 GC of in-game currency

  • 3rd Place :trophy:
    – They will win 1,000 GC of in-game currency

  • 4th Place :trophy:
    – They will win 500 GC of in-game currency


Rules have been adjusted LAST MINUTE: Spring Themed Build Contestants now have access to creative thanks to @Salrica for making last minute adjustments!

These are our Contestants who participated in the Spring Build Contest! There will be a poll at the bottom you will get one vote for who you think is the BEST! So please choose wisely :heavy_heart_exclamation: This Poll will be open until Monday April 13th 2020 Get your votes in now! When to poll is closed winners will be announced!

:one: Contestant :one:: Spring Jack in The Box

:two: Contestant :two:: With death there is Life in Spring

:three: Contestant :three:: Spring Home away from Home

:four: Contestant :four:: Springing out of Prison!

  • Contestant 1
  • Contestant 2
  • Contestant 3
  • Contestant 4

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Congratulations To the Winners of the spring build contest!
1st Place: KitchenWizard as :two: Contestant :two:: With death there is Life in Spring
2nd Place: WinterCraft147 as :three: Contestant :three:: Spring Home away from Home
3rd Place: Brentenkage as :one: Contestant :one:: Spring Jack in The Box
4th Place:RandotheG as :four: Contestant :four:: Springing out of Prison!

These votes were finalized as the Winners of The Spring Build Contest by staff. We will host another one again in the future. Thank you all for participating. Prizes will be handed out accordingly as soon as possible. --RPC Staff Team.