Just wanted to say your hack detection is the best I have seen so far

Staff Member that Banned you: No clue, I got banned very shortly after some admin joined
Your Username: rick_kik
Reason of Ban: xray, hacking, griefing
Why you should be Unbanned: Lol I realy shouldn’t.
I was indeed using speedhacks (It ain’t an excuse but I hate being slow and stuff) and some xray (literaly like 2 sec and there was only 1 other guy on at the time so i dunno how you found out about this but good job). Don’t remember grieving tho but doubt it matters at this point. I was kinda getting excited when I heard about the races and stuff since I haven’t seen that somewhere else yet. But anyways just wanted to say that i’m impressed with your anti cheat stuff (even tho none of my hacks were actualy blocked) cus I haven’t been banned so fast yet (literally within a minute of an admin joining, and no-one had seen me hacking or anything up until that point).
As a last regard I want to say that I do not wish to be unbanned, especially since it seems from other appeals that you guys just don’t do that sort of thing (this poor Bren guy seems to have been banned even though he wasn’t hacking at all and was an active member. Never seen servers that give permaban for anything chat related)

Well… You’re a good sport haha. Sorry for turning ya over to my fellow staff, but uh, yeah haha, I was the one person online. I hope all goes well for ya in the future. :slight_smile:

Bren was something of a special case and I actually approved his appeal myself. He’s taking a mental break at the moment of his own choice but I hope to see him back on soon.

You’re a definite good sport and I wish you the best. Let us know if you change your mind and want this appeal to be processed properly, you seem like a pretty cool person!