Just Your Average RPG nerd Application

My minecraft username is donutboy3

you know, due to many personal life decisions, I have a really terrible memory. All I know is, I’ve been playing since 1.14

I found RPC on the forums, looking for servers with the brewing plugin or whatever it’s called.

as far as I’m aware of, no bans under my belt.

Read and Accepted those.


I’m just your average college dropout who likes to play minecraft whenever i get the chance. I’m really busy a lot, and sometimes i take a minecraft hiatus for 4 months, but I also don’t have many servers to stay active on, and the one i found a while back is getting ready for it’s reset, so I’m on the prowl for something new and enticing. I love playing DnD, so when I saw this, I figured I’d give it a go.

Welcome to RPC! Log in when you’re ready, whitelist was removed some time ago, we just haven’t updated websites yet.