La Reyna de hielo

Character Name: Carolyn Teies

Name(s) and Titles : 7th daughter of the 7th daughter

Nickname(s) or Alter-Egos : Carly, Miss, Miss Teies

Personal Information:

Race : Human with possible hints of elf

Age: Mental/Physically : Mentally / Physically 22

Gender/Lack of Gender : Female

Sexuality/Lack of Sexuality : Undisclosed/Undiscovered

Nationality/Ethnicity : Lyconian

Religion/Lack of Religion : Lacks any religious belief, the answer to most philosophical or religious questions is met with “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”


Height/Weight : 4’11 and relatively low weight, 90 pounds or so

Hair: Long blonde hair that messily rolls down her shoulders, stopping roughly around her lower chest. It is slightly curly.

Eyes: Blue/Green with no glasses

Commonly Worn Clothing : Normally wears shorts and blue/white oriented tops, generally slightly overlarge sweaters or t shirts.

Physical Mannerisms: She stands with a particular closed off body language, arms general crossed, head down, and when annoyed, will tap her fingers together constantly.

Scars/Injuries : No noticeable scars or injuries.

Voice: a slight royal-ish accent is spoken, it’s a fairly common sounding female voice, slightly higher in pitch than so.

Family and Friends:

Father : Duke Hans the fourth

Mother : Caroline, the 7th daughter

Siblings : 6 other various siblings, (possible for others to be other characters for RP)

Extended Family : Various other family lines

Children : None

Friends : Currently none

Alliances: Currently none


A royal family of known magical inheritance had their 7th daughter born, from the 7th daughter. In this family of royals, 7 was a number of significant magical power, and with this child born, it was assumed she would be the most powerful mage in history.

And oh how they were correct

When they begun introducing her to magic learning, it became clear the power she held was too much. Simple spells of illusion such as flash would create explosions of blinding light, when attempting to cast conjuration basics such as summoning a spectral wolf, happenstance created a towering monster, causing large property damage to the nearby mansion fort and royal owned farms.

They quickly stopped teaching her magic, and began to reprimand her when she attempted to learn it. This caused her to slowly hate herself, thinking thoughts such as “If I’m so talented why can’t I learn?” “Am I broken?” “Is there something wrong with me”, she quickly became the black sheep of the family, hiding in her room, before one day,

She ran, ran as far as she could, stole a horse from her stables and off she went, and she went to the town she currently resides in, consistently taking down pictures of her on the job boards asking for the missing person she is, sleeping in the corners of stables, and attempting lay low.

With no skills she quickly resorted to thievery, stealing food and somehow consistently managing to get away with it. Eventually she found the library of the town, using it to read books of magic, but being to afraid to use it.

Now she reads more and more complex spellbooks and theory, adsorbing it all but being to afraid to use it.

Characteristics and Personality:

Occupation : Homeless/No Occupation

Education : Learning a royal would receive and significant magical studies

Strengths : Learns extremely fast, is able to keep a very poker face

Weaknesses : Is not very physically strong, is rather frail due to a less than nutritious diet from scavenging and stealing

Likes/Hobbies/Values : Magic Spells and Theory, enjoys studying architecture and reading about it, practices alchemy from time to time. Values people who think things through and attempt to work on themselves

Dislikes/Phobias : Dislikes emotional outbursts, has a distain for drunks, absolutely is terrified and hates any bug that flies.

Fatal Flaws : Makes very quick judgements on ones character, and under most circumstances, will not change those judgements, coming off as icy and bitchy to those she considers less than average. Is unable to control her magic, a result of which causes her main field of study, ice magic under the school of evocation, to in times of emotional turmoil, to begin acting erratically, often freezing the air around her and causing herself to be hurt by the effects

Skills : Magic, lock picking, sneaking, literature

Dreams/Long-term Desires : To one day completely control her magic so she is able to use it without side effects.

Mental Stability/Lack of : Mentally can not stand to disappoint, causing her to feel disconnected from others.

Secrets : Is the run away magic prodigy from the Royal Teies family.

Extra Questions: Use these to inspire you to create a fully realised character!

What is the one item your character cannot live without? : Her books or royal necklace

What is in there way in life? Power, Knowledge, and Honesty lead the pathway to all.

How has this character developed within the last few years? More magical, and rogue - like talent due to hiding from the royal family for 2 years or so

What matters most to your charater? : Magic and Intelligence

What’s your character’s type or archetype? : Unknown

If you could describe your character in one sentence, what would you say? : “It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety.”

What would break your character mentally? Too come back to her mansion fort of loving royal family to only find them slaughtered and the place overrun by pillagers

Who influenced your character the most?