List of Gods: Old Lore

NOTE: This is OLD LORE. For information on the current pantheon, go here: The Gods of Erranor (current pantheon).

List of the Gods:

:squid:Orision: :squid:
Orision, more popularly known as the Flying Squid or the Squid God, contrary to popular belief, is not actually a Squid. Orision is an ethereal being. A being whose true form is incomprehensible to the mortal mind. He prefers to take the form of a squid when he appears to mortals in physical form because that is the form that most alligns with his values. He is an ethereal god before all else, the God of Peace and Stasis. His realm of Alerius is known as The Vast Beyond, filled with endless oceans of unmoving waters. Legends tell of a sprawling utopian city underneath the immeasurable depths of Orision’s waters. Orision is the patron god of seafaring, water, lightning, and the sky.

:smiling_imp:Razgriz: God of Darkness and Deceit: :smiling_imp:
Razgriz, God of Darkness and deceit. His workings are largely a mystery to modern day scholars. Only appearing before a select few in history as a wraith-like mass of shadow, it is believed that he does not prefer to appear in physical form. His actions shrouded in the deceit of darkness, Razgriz rarely intervenes in the mortal world, choosing instead to wait for mortals to seek him out. His realm of Alerius is known as The Fringe, a plane shrouded in darkness that is said to be a shadow replica of the mortal world. It is said Razgriz resides in a tower stronghold within this plane from which he watches the world with amusement and interest. Razgriz is the patron god of thieves, assassins, stealth, refugees, and the night.

:warning:Rasher: God of War and Change :warning:
Rasher, God of War and Change, is the most militaristically skillful of all the gods. His strength is unmatched by any man or god. He created the Orcs from the hardened stone of Dehnsrest to assist in the God Wars. Rasher’s realm of Alerius is known as The Ravagedlands, a land of pure unending chaos. Constant change in every aspect of it’s existence, one day a mountain may be in one place, the next, another. It’s chaotic change knows no bounds as souls of his claimed are constantly at a bloody and unyielding conflict. Souls of Rasher’s favored clash their swords and axes all hours of day, through night, which changes quite often in the Ravagedlands. Rasher is the patron god of light and the sun.

:dizzy:Macer: God of Creation and Organization :dizzy:
Macer, God of Creation and Organization, gave of his ability to exist on the plane in physical form to organize the plane through the creation of time. The field of time is incomprehensible to mortals, but it is believed by Maceric Mages that Macer actually formed the field of time from his being. It is believed that even to this day, Macer inhabits all of creation, all of Aubrus and Alerius, as time himself. He exists as time within all realms, as well as we exist within him. As a result of his actions to create time, he also gave the other gods his knowledge of creation and organization, so that they may act on the plane in his stead. It is because of the idea that Macer is literally time, that it is believed that Macer has no personal realm of Alerius. For if he were to one day stop existing as the fabric of time, our plane would cease to exist as we know it. Macer is the patron god of time, magic, and the calendar.

:deciduous_tree:Hahrana: Goddess of Life and Fertility :deciduous_tree:
Hahrana, the Goddess of Life and Fertility, created the land, and the world as we know it. Trees, animals, and all plant life are but a few of her gifts to the mortals. She is often known as “Mother Nature” for her contributions to the natural greenery of creation. Her personal realm of Alerius is known as Grenlush, an overgrown expanse of endless green. Grenlush is an endless forest where all forms of life run wild and prosper off of her lush land. Hahrana is the patron goddess of nature, farming, nature, and sex.

:skull_and_crossbones:Marus: God of Death :skull_and_crossbones:
Marus, the God of Death, is also known as the usher of the afterlife or the Soulbringer. He inadvertently created the Vampyres and all undead races when he gave his blood to mortals. Marus decides when it’s time for mortals to be brought to the afterlife. He travels freely and in darkness through his personal realm, the void, which connects the Aubrus and the Alerius. When he deems it time, he extracts mortal souls and ushers them through the void to the Alerius. From there, he decides the fate of all souls. Honorable souls will be brought to the realm of their favored gods, and dishonorable souls, such as the souls of the undead, are sentenced to an eternity of damnation, servitude, and unending torture in the realm of Grohmal-Vahk. Marus is patron god of the moon, wither, and decay.

:thinking:Ordehn: God of valor, Strategy and Kinmanship :thinking:
Ordehn, God of Valor, Strategy, and Kinsmanship, is the first son of Rasher and Hahrana’s love. His brother is Enech, God of Madness and Trickery, who created the Humans. Ordehn saw the Humans as too chaotic and wanted to create more honorable Humans. He mixed blood with a group of Humans from the north, creating the first Norse people, ruling over them for a time as their God-King. Ordehn instilled a very specific culture into the Norse, a culture of honorable battle and kinsmanship. Above all, Ordehn is known to favor honor and battle. Ordehn’s realm of Alerius is known as Vohkangaard. Vohkangaard is a vast plane of frost and ice, where mighty warriors adventure across the plane, hunting and slaying the harshest beasts of Ordehn’s creation. At the heart of its frozen tundra sits a mighty longhall, Vohkanhall. Its halls filled with the most honorable warriors who all share their food, mead, and tales. Every warrior in Vohkanhall has been personally invited to feast there by Ordehn himself. Ordehn and his favored feast and share stories for an eternity in Vohkanhall. Ordehn is the patron god of ice and feasting.

:crazy_face:Enech: God of Madness and Trickery :crazy_face:
Enech, God of Madness and Trickery, is the second son of Rasher and Hahrana. His madness knows no bounds, he often helps and hinders mortals in many different ways and for many different reasons, although most in some way relate back to entertaining himself. He is crafty and unpredictable, that is his madness. He created the Humans to cause chaos and rapidly change the world to their image in direct challenge to Saraiya’s traditional Elves. Enech’s realm of Alerius is known as the Fray, where the homes are either extremely large, as if to be a home to giants, or extremely small, as if it were a doghouse. Sometimes, mainly when Enech gets bored, he decides to mix everybody up! He switches their houses and some people get small houses and others get big houses! With the houses, come their clothes. All clothes in the Fray are either way too big or way too small. Clothes for giants or clothes for children. It’s because of this that most people in the Fray tend to go about in the nude. There is a plethora of celestial bodies in the sky over the Fray, most of which were created by Enech to help him learn to count, since he had trouble counting past ten, because he only has 10 fingers. Enech is the patron god of the mentally ill, birthday parties, and public urination.

:money_with_wings:Mithron: God of Commerce and Construct :money_with_wings:
Mithron, God of Commerce and Construct, was created by Rasher to help him build the bones which support the world. Mithron gave birth to the appropriately named, Mithric races of Gnomes and Dwarves. His economic and architectural prowess is matched by no other. Mithron’s personal realm of Alerius is known as Galdrahk or the Golden City, an immense metropolis of gleaming gold. It’s skyline shines bright as the stars in the sun’s warm rays. A sprawling city of invaluable metals. Mithron is the patron god of merchants, architects, and construction workers.

:blush:Saraiya: Goddess of Understanding and Tradition :blush:
Saraiya, Goddess of Understanding and Tradition, was created by Orision to help preserve stasis in the world. Saraiya created the Elves in her image to bring tradition and understanding to creation. Her knowledge and intellect are the greatest of all the gods. Saraiya’s realm of Alerius is Sygnus Albreria, a lush forest with groves overflowing with vegetation. At its heart, lies a great spire known as Spyra Albreria, filled with every word ever spoken, every action ever committed, and every thought ever formed by god or mortal, all within the vast texts and scrolls of her spire’s library. Saraiya is the patron goddess of books, teachers, and learning.

:revolving_hearts:Maya: Goddess of Love and Union :revolving_hearts:
Maya, Goddess of Love, Compassion, and Union, was born from the love of Ordehn and Saraiya. Maya gave her knowledge of Love, Compassion, and Union to the mortals because she knew it would make them happy. It is because of her, and the knowledge she’s shared with mortals, that we have our traditions of union and marriage today. Maya’s realm of Alerius is known as Aferia, where everyone loves everyone. A place of true bliss, where no malice is held by anyone, towards anyone. All who inhabit Aferia are Maya’s chosen who love her, and her people, undyingly and unconditionally. Maya is the patron goddess of marriage, family, happiness, and orgys.