:lizard: Physical Appearance :lizard:

The Silivik, commonly known as Lizardfolk, much like orcs: are extremely varied in their physical appearance and often adopt features from all forms of reptilian life, including ancient reptiles thought to have long since perished. Oftentimes, the Silivik will look more bestial with a mix of lizard-like and crocodilian features while others may have an uncanny resemblance to the human race.
The only feature that has remained constant in their race is that the males often sport vibrant patterns while females will sport brighter colours.

  • Common Heights: 3’6” - 7’5” for both male and females
  • Common Build: Both Sexes vary wildly in their physique, ranging from bestial to humanoid
  • Common Eye Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, White, and Grey
  • Common Features: Silivik can possess features from any form of reptile, such as the neck and flexible body of a snake or the powerful jaws of a crocodile.
  • Common Scale Colours: Silivik Scales range from dulled de-saturated colours to bright and vibrant; oftentimes with different patterns. Their Scales can be of any colour.

:fire: History :fire:

The Reptiles of Aloryron claim to have descended from Koa’tole himself and were punished with the curse of mortality for a sin that neither they or the other races can recall as the Silivik lack a written history altogether.
It isn’t known how long they’ve lived on Erranor and their chaotic, frantic nature suggests that perhaps their creation as a people may not have involved the gods.

It’s often said that their homeland is cursed and that those who enter will forever have their bloodline cursed and their firstborn child would be of the Silivik Race.
scholars and archmages have studied this odd phenominon in hopes of figuring out exactly how and why it happens but unfortunately they have had no luck in uncovering any information other than that those born of human will often have far more humanoid features than bestial but the further down the bloodline continues: the more bestial each generation will look.

This Phenomenon was fittingly called: Koa’Tole’s Curse; leading many to think that perhaps the Silivik may have descended from humans that were cursed long ago and as such: any humans that enter their homeland will surely contract the curse.

:sunny: Culture :sunny:

Most Silivik live and die by a nomadic, tribal lifestyle; never staying in one place for long before they move onto the next.
This behavior was adopted due to their race’s tendency to go to war with one another over their own religious interpretations of the sin that made them the way they are now.
They truly believe that their race was once flawless and beautiful, even more so than the elves and that they had once possessed true immortality.
While there are many different interpretations of their creation myth, most Silivik and even humans living within Aloryon follow the most common interpretation of it: that one day a dragon had arrived within their homeland and offered them vast amounts of wealth and power and they were quickly punished for their greed, giving in to a beast that was inherently evil.
And for that their flawless forms were turned into a horrific hybrid between man and reptile, their minds warped to a point where they struggle between human reasoning and their bestial instincts.
It was because of this interaction between the Silivik and Dragon that sparked their need to hunt and slay dragonkind, to punish them for tempting their people, to get revenge upon the dragons for turning them into monsters.
Only when all dragons have been slain, do they believe their divine punishment shall end.

Silivik born outside of Aloryon and from a human will almost always be treated as an outsider by the other races and the more bestial forms of their race are commonly mistaken for monsters by the common folk; Silivik born of humans will often cover their bodies up and wear a mask to shroud their faces while others may even run away from civilization in search of wandering tribes to join so that they may have a place where they can truly fit in.