Lore Application: Kitsune


Legend has it that kitsunes are fox spirits. There are many different types of kitsunes but the main two are zenko and yako. Each type is a different personality. Zenko kitsunes are historically good and kind while yakos give foxes the reputation of being mischievous and evil.

Physical Appearance
You would normally probably see a kitsune in human form. They have the ability to shape shift. They can be both fox or human. They ordinarily are born with one tail but can grow more as they get older. Click Here for Source

4’7 to 6’

Common Build
Stature of an elf, shorter, very agile and graceful

Common Eyes
Their eyes range in color as well, though most have blue, green, or brown eyes.

Common Fur Color
They usually have light colored fur, reddish brown, white, golden brown, sometimes even black.

Shapeshifting, Speed, Intelligence, Persuasion, Deception

Kitsune is a rare race. They normally reside/live underground in dens hiding away from the dangers of other races that might be hunting them down for their magic. Other times they shapeshift and live with other races taking their form, and maybe even creating families with them.

Life span: 1 ½ - 10 centuries

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