Lore Project I: Magic

Greetings fellow lore writers!

Due to some unforseen circumstances, out magic lore has been in a state of limbo for the past… forever…
Therefore, I have decided that the best way to finally solve the issue of magic, is by getting our community involved.

The goal: Create a magic system, get some spells, and figure out how and who can use magic.
basically, rebuilding the entire system.

How do I join the project?

Simply reply to this thread with your IGN and Discord username!


IGN: MagFrag
Discord Username: MagFrag

IGN: GoddessofNight
Discord Username: Nyx Noctis#6945

IGN: RandoTheG
Discord: RandoTheG#1436

IGN: Gobbo_
Discord: Gobbo#5294

IGN: Miexar
Discord: Phoenix#9136