Lupians are ascribed to various abilities and appearances depending on the area of origin or biome. The larger of the wulfe population is tall and lean. Hard-working, and only greedy for anything glittering, they are often seen with tech that confound most people like elaborate airships, cities and friendly hospitality to outcasts and strangers.

:wolf: Physical Description :wolf:

  • Wulfe: The definition of a “Lupian”. Seen as very large, wolven creatures who can either stand on their hind legs or roam as quadrupeds with their long front arms. Adorned with antlers or horns that can curl around their long pointed up ears, glowing ringed eyes, darkened sclera and fish-like fins trailing down the back and to the middle of the arching tail.

  • Humanoid: A smaller more humanized alternate to the feral wolf with a human-like torso including slender slightly digitigrade legs and paws. Elven/human faces with longer canines, fluffy ears and tails remnant of their younger selves and the same glowing eyes. Some may inherit the horns or antlers as well.

Common Height:

  • Wulfe: 6’7-8’4ft (200-254cm)

  • Humanoid: 5’6-6’2ft (167-187cm)

  • Common Build: Powerful & lean or stocky, built for long distance running and jumping. Women Wulfe do not have full breasts.
  • Common Eyes: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, White
  • Common Hair: Black, Gray, White, Brown, Blonde, Red
  • Common Skin Tone: Earthy Brown/Light tan (Pale in rare conditions)
  • Common Fur Tone: Shades of White, Silver, Brown, Red, Blue, Black

:hammer_and_wrench: Culture :hammer_and_wrench:

Lupians value family, pack, and community over much else. Strength is naturally born with each wolven; however, with the lack of magic ability or gods, they gravitate their intelligence with tinkering or advancing technology to better their lives or allies while still including nature into their work. Bringing peace or neutrality is another strong point in the culture with having conflict or war as an absolute last option even with petty charges. The fascination with beautiful or shiny objects has led them to pursue exploration to adorn themselves and the towns/cities they build with literal jewels or strings of gold.

And an addition, almost all Lupian pups can choose to go through a process known to those as RahMek or the Ritual of Change. Due to them unable to shapeshift like their distance werewolf cousins, they decide to turn either Humanoid or stay Wulfe and earn their tattoos and “x” clips for their hair.

Ni-Tojin(Loner/No clips): Leaving the society to trial their own path, Ni-Tojin typically live alone and appear as more aggressive versions of Wulfe Lupians to the furless races. What each loner does is unknown, but the few who wander tend to live off the land as hermits or drifters avoiding larger cities or towns if they can.

:anchor: Mechanics :anchor:

Lifespan: 40-75 years

Lupians can adapt to different natural environments due to being born with the wild: the glowing ring in their eye allows them to have a sort of night vision, fur thickens up in the colder climate and wolven background allows them to freeze in place/run for long distances/jump higher even possible even with the humanoid variant. However, the larger downside of their born trait is the deathly illness to Arcane Magic which cannot be reversed even with the Ritual of Change.
With long limbs, Lupians are able to drop on fours and dash/leap about freely and utilize their claws, horns, teeth and tail as last resort weapons in a scrap.

:fleur_de_lis: Lore :fleur_de_lis:


Main idea is that they were once Human & elves that were wiped from an Arcane Bomb many generations ago whos energy/mana source seeped into the wildlife and mutated them to become wolven monstrosities with various bits of other animals. Over hundreds of years, they had to adapt to the growing world and slowly progress to civilization.

All art credited to those who made them. :slight_smile:

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