Luukerss Application

Minecraft username: luukerss

How long have i been playing minecraft: I have been playing for 4-5 years

How did you find out about RoleplayCraft: My dad knew about Taylor/Faintinghope dad and Taylor needed a job and my dad gave him a job at his store and then my dad got me into Minecraft and then I played with the server.

Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft sever/community: yes because someone got on my account and played a server (hypixel) and got me banned for unfair game advantages

Have you read our terms of service policy and community rules/guidelines: yes

tell us a little about yourself: I am Lucas and i was on this server before but i was not on for so long so i need to resubmit a application. But besides that i am a sponge I suck up knowledge and I have been playing and I have gotten a lot better and want to build a city on this server.

thanks Lucas

Approved Welcome back to RPC!