Lyconia - Official Map Lore

Forward Note: This forum post documents the official canon lore for the Lyconia [MC 1.15.1] map released on January 08, 2020.

Ly·​con·​ia | \ ˈlī-ˈkōn-yə \

Lyconia is a continent located in the far west of the known world of Erranor, between the mysterious badlands and the exotic kingdoms of Caldor. The name Lyconia is used to refer to both the land once known as Dansylvania and the great port city that has survived and thrived following the events known only as The Fall.

This land was originally settled by humans and dwarves during the Age of the Gods by the Republic of Fay-Ruhn, the land saw years of war as these settlers fought off Elven and Orcish invaders while attempting to establish their kingdom. By virtue of the kingdom’s strength, the Elven people were only able to settle a small island while the Orcs were unable to obtain a foothold and returned to their homeland, the Badlands. Unfortunately, this victory was short lived as internal politics, assassination intrigue, and rebellions soon brought the kingdom into chaos.

One such rebellion was led by a group of religious zealots known as the Followers of the Squid, who founded their own nation, the Kingdom of Dansylvania, so named after their high priest. Securing an alliance with the Elven nation subjugated by Fay-Ruhn, the Kingdom of Dansylvania was easily able to secure it’s borders and take control of the western half of the continent, leaving the eastern half to be held by the fueding remains of the Republic of Fay-Ruhn. So launched a dynasty that would stand for nearly a thousand years.

As time passed, the world began to grow cold and the great northern ice wall began to creep south, forcing the relocation of the capital from Icemark to the kingdom’s largest port in the south, Lyconia. A center of trade, the city boomed, benefiting the kingdom with untold economic prosperity, heralding a golden age until fate brought calamity.

As dead throughout the land began to rise and threaten the living, the ruler of the kingdom, King Dan the Wise, sought counsel with the Mages’ Guild to address the growing danger. Through arcane magicks now lost to time, the thirteen archmages discovered that the land was in peril of an incursion from the god of the undead and keeper of the hell plane, Morthar.

To fight the power of the god and save their land, the archmages took up their olden treasures, the Nether Gems, great crystals of unimaginable power that allowed the mages to control the elemental essences of the world such as Fire, Water, Darkness, and even Light. Using the Nether Gems, the archmages were able to push back the undead hordes of Morthar, dispelling the hell-rifts that were appearing throughout Dansylvania, and sealed Morthar himself within the deepest circle of hell.

Unfortunately power easily corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. One of the archmages, Apollinaris, grew greedy and sought to claim the power of the Nether Gems for himself, slaying his brother and sister mages until he alone was the last archmage. Taking up the power of the gems, Apollinaris sought to reshape the world of Erranor as its god-king, making it as he so desired.

But the world did not go silently into the night, for this was the Age of Heroes and under the leadership of King Dan the Wise, the armies of the land united and marched on Apollinaris. In our darkest hour, the heroic generals and champions were able to wrest control of the Nether Gems from the archmage, though victory came too little, too late, for the seal binding Morthar had been weakened from Apollinaris’ great arcana.

In the dark fires and smoke of hell, Morthar waited as the heroes of the land grew old and in the nine-hundredeth and thirty-first year of the reign of the great kings of Dansylvania, Morthar re-opened his hell-rifts across the land, invading our land with his undead forces led by the risen Apollinaris.

To our misfortune, King Dan the Wise, in his old age, was too weak of a hero to rise again to the challenge. However, in his wisdom, he had the Nether Gems hidden across the world, knowing that Morthar had been forever weakened by the original archmages and would seek the crystals to regain his power.

Heralded by Morthar’s campaign to tear the Kingdom of Dansylvania asunder, so began the Age of the Fall as there were no heroes in those days. And yet, there were legends - champions who rose above the strife and conflict to protect others and fight when all hope was lost. Led by an organization known as the Legends Guild, the defenders sought to recover the Nether Gems and drive back the undead forces, however, the armies of Morthar slowly pushed back the Dansylvanian Vanguard until Morthar saw his opportunity to end the war.

His dark plan was to open up the ancient Gate of Hell in the far north and have his army sweep south to raze the city of Lyconia. In desperation, the great generals called for their banners and volunteers, any man, woman, or child that could take up a sword or bow in defense of the kingdom. In the ruins of the frozen castle of Icemark they rallied, and against all odds, not only withstood the siege but halted the undead offensive against them, shattering Morthar’s forces decisively.

If only their valorous actions had saved our land, but in their moment of victory they were deceived, for the risen Apollinaris flew from the south-west towards Lyconia on the wings of an undead dragon, the skies dark with dragons behind him, burning the land as he drove his spear of doom straight into the heart of our capital city and our spirit.

And so our country was overrun and we sailed for Caldor, tears in our eyes as the fires blazed behind us.

- History of the Dansylvanian Refugees, recorded by Arwin Greese, Caldorian Scholars Society.

Approximately 340 years since the fall of Dansylvania, the land is now known as Lyconia, in no small part due to the city of the same name which stood as the best chance of survival for those who did not flee to Caldor. Through time, the people of Lyconia have managed to recover slowly, rebuilding their towns and founding new settlements. Trade with countries near and far, including Caldor, Elona, Wyrr, and Anduir, is slowly bringing a return to economic prosperity, however, the nation remains a shadow of its former glory.

Struggling to fend off bandity and piracy from a faction known only as The Pillagers, Lyconia has issued a call for aid from its trading partners, requesting builders, adventurers, scholars, and more.

Will you answer the call?