MagFrag's Citizen Application

Minecraft Username:

The date you applied for Villager:
January 20, 2020

Why you think you deserve Citizen:
Though I have been a bit spotty in the past with my attendance, I’ve become a regular. I try to contribute to the lore and generally be a good member of the community by helping out people. I also try to be kind, though I stick my foot in my mouth on occasion.

Minecraft Username:

Player you’re recommending:

Why you think this player deserves Citizen:
He is a good gnome and he also helped make some cool stuff like Rocktop and Gnomebase.

Minecraft Username

Player you’re recommending

Why you think this player deserves Citizen
I’ve seen some of the buildings he helped to build on the last map and he’s a good player.

Approved congratulations on making citizen!