Meitou's Ancient Legendary Weapons

Roleplay Introduction:

Thousands of years ago a legendary smith by the name of Meitou forged epic weapons with lost techniques.

Nothing is known of Meitou besides their name. Each of the weapons they forged has their name in etched into it.

The quality of these weapons are unmatched by anything that a modern smith could create. Legend has it they never rust, they never dull, and the blades are unbreakable. These blades were only forged for grand emperors and kings, so they are extremely rare. They are only found in ancient crypts and dungeons, guarded by the undead and cult worshipers, but when unearthed they look as if they had just been smithed yesterday.

They are priceless and when found are never normally sold. The only way adventurers ever lose them is when they are cut down. While the holder of the weapon may wither away, Meitou’s weapon does not.

List of known weapons and their owners:
Runefang: A longsword owned by Cross. (Bone_Father).
Voidfang: A Desert sabre. Unfound.
Sunfang: A Ringed sabre. Unfound.
Malice: A Nodachi. Unfound.

Once more weapons are discovered, they will lead to knowledge of other weapons.


So I thought a line of epic weapons would be pretty cool for rewards for RP’s. They’re pretty stacked in terms of enchants. Runefang for example has Sharpness 5, Loot 3, Unbreaking 3, Mending, Fire Aspect 2, and Sweeping edge 3.

If you’re running any event and you’d like one to use as a final reward, please contact me.

Please do not make forgeries of these.

Let me know what you all thinkl :slight_smile:

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