Merchants Guild

Today I am pleased to annouce, I will be creating my own :moneybag:Merchants’ Guild! :moneybag:This guild is to bring together people who sell, create produce, and sell their services to the people of Lyconia! This partnership operates both roleplay-wise and in-game wise. It’s HQ will be based in my store next to spawn which will be used as a base of operations. :star_struck:

Want to join the guild?

  • Reply to this thread with: Your name, what you can bring to the guild, and what you want from the Merchant’s guild.
  • Any race and creed can join!
  • Any level of experiance can join as long as you have a passion for your craft! :smiley:


- Melody Yorik

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I am very interested as to how the Guild will function. Several questions persist as to its purpose and scope:

What is the benefits to it’s members?

How does shopping with a Guilded merchant help a customer?

What requirements are to be set and met by merchants of the Guild?

How are these requirements to be enforced and what are the repercussions of non compliance?

How will Guild information be spread to customers?

Let me know what you have planned for our economic prosperity. I’m looking forward to your plans. :slight_smile:

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I (constant99) would like to join the Merchant’s Guild. I would bring a variety of projects, guild loyalty, and experience to the guild, (as I was a member of a merchant’s guild on another server). I would like to gain goods/gold and fun from the guild. A suggestions for a guild would be to have occasional or even weekly quests to “restock” wares with some goods we get from completing a quests. A potential bonus to get people to join the Guild could be discounted prices on guild-sold items or some money buff of some kind. I look forward to being a member of the guild.

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My name is Bone_Father and I’m a master brewer.

I specialize in liquor and wine but I can brew up a mean beer too.

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Hello Eech! :wave:

Thanks for your reply, I’ll try to answer each question the best I can… :thinking:

Benefits of members of the Guild can be numberous! The most obvious being the creation of a united community that share the same passion, these community members can live in a safe Head Quarters and can share information, goods, funding, and other resources with eachother. From a roleplay perspective, the Merchants Guild enriches the world of RPC and lets new merchant charaters have a place to belong. Just how wizards can live with the Mages Guild tower, so can Merchants now belong to a group too!

How does this help the customer? The customer now can have a bigger variety of goods and services to purchase. Ensured quality, speed of delivery etc can also be considered.

The requirements to be set/met by the Members of the guild, I’ll admit, are still taking shape. I’d assume they have to have a store within spawn or another large town. As well as a special skill/talent they can offer the guild. However, these requirements are not set in stone yet.

The question of enforcement and non-compliance are also a work-in-progress. However, once these rules are more fleshed out I’ll be sure to inform the forums!

In reguards to spreading information for customers, I had the idea of a discord news letter. Similar to another publication on the last map, the news letter would be roleplay-based and updated weekly. The letter could highlight deals that the guild sells and also advertise job offers for customers to collect rare materials and sell to the guild!

Thanks for taking interest in my plans, hope this helps :star2:

:star2: Welcome to the Guild! :star2:
What is your discord name? I’ll create a chat with all the members in.

:star2:Hello Master Brewer! :star2:
Your skills will be well-appreciated with the guild, welcome aboard! What is your discord name? I’ll add you to a chat.

My discord name is constant99. Thanks!

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I’m Lythiano, i have purchased a shop in spawn but am not yet selling anything, i’m interested in being part of this community and helping business for everyone on the server, I have an idea that if we develop a whole sale system we can get a more interesting economy whilst lowering prices for the players while making being a merchant worthwhile, i also am curious about what to sell but i think i might sell server maps as well as custom banners, if we had a whole sale system i would be able to buy the materials and make my business worth while.
(discord Lythiano)

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:star2:Hello Lythiano! :star2:
Welcome aboard to the guild my friend! Your ideas sound wonderful

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Name: Eech

I am an experienced merchant and well rounded MC player in love with all aspects of the game since its public release. I believe BUYING is JUST as important as SELLING to keep an economy robust and players interacting with the merchants and shops online.
I believe using creative mode in ANY regard without consuming an equal amount of materials in equal exchange kills economics.

RP Name: Eech Biinec
Race: Elf

Eech is a farmer, explorer, miner and merchant located just outside spawn protection on a little farm he is building up to be much more. Eech is a caretaker of nature and frequently has RP / Adventure / Exploration / Kill Quests for players that reward in game materials and Gc on a regular basis.

Eechs main source of income is currently his market stall in spawn at /warp market.

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Sent you a link! Welcome to the Guild! :smiley: