Morg the Gravewalker

Name: Morg

Race: Gravewalker
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Nationality: urakian

Appearance: Morg is 5’4 tall wears a black hooded cloak flasks on her belt a large sword mounted on her back and a dagger sheaved under her cloak, blue glowing eyes and pale skin.

Occupation: Ranger
Education: Former captain
Strengths: Natural friendliness to orcs, tracking
Weaknesses: poison and betrayal
Likes: hunting, exploring and orcs
Dislikes: betrayal elf’s and mead
Hobbies: hunting, gathering, swimming
Phobias: ghasts, Ender pearls
Values: Endurance, tracker, loyal
Flaws: overly confident
Mental Stability: Split personality