My ideas for the server

So I have some ideas for the server

  1. A dungeon run
    I remember playing in the Broken Worlds server we would have a way to collect resources, get experience and so on using a dungeon, a timed thing that you can only go in once every 24 hours (time can change depending on difficulty loot quality etc)
    inside were spawners you had to block, and chests you can only open once to grab the loot inside, which was random (might have been from dungoen loot table or a custom one no idea behind the scenes)
    might be a good way to get money, say sometimes finding buillions, or just interesting resources like named items like ancient daggers, old shields, etc, something for roleplaying purposes to reforge or sell to buyers, possiby even resources like spider silk, wither bones, things to use for crafting

  2. Cooking Contest
    A festival of food, we create a contest entry by making a lored item to present, and the judges roleplay actually eating them, points for creative writing, rarer ingredence, and logical crafting of said ingrdience
    like say making a baked potatoe is simple, but say spice it up with bacon bits, now you have a “Buttered Bacon Potatoe” by comboing the baked potatoe and porkchop
    Makes soups, unique cakes, all sorts of things that could be fun for a festival, maybe after the winner could open a resturant, and in game sell the roleplay food, for say ingame dates, events, or just hey I want to support this guy

Just my thoughts on two things for the server

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