Natalie's Bio

Character Name:

Name(s) and Titles: Natalie Harper
Nickname(s) or Alter-Egos: Nat

Personal Information:

Race: Ender-Touched Human
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Nationality: Lyconian
Religion: Light follower of Koa’toale, mildly distrustful of Cecilia, apathetic to all other Gods


(credit to KitchenWizard)

Height/Weight: 5’5 130lbs
Hair: Blonde, shoulder length and layered
Eyes: A strange bright purple
Commonly Worn Clothing: A black adventuring outfit with a satchel slung to a side
Physical Mannerisms: Friendly and polite, however quiet and reserved. Can seem guarded and suspicious at times.
Scars/Injuries: A few scars under her clothes

Family and Friends:

Father: Thomas Harper, Deceased
Mother: Agitha Harper, Deceased
Siblings: Jack Harper, younger brother, Deceased
Children: None
Friends: Those at Sanctuary, Arturo/Jasper, Miles, Celk, Dixie McQuinn
Acquaintances: Siegfried, The Knight, Jacque, Egbert, Awfullio, Edo, Odlegwy, Idrath Nish, Elena, Aedryl Levins
Enemies: Markus & Co, Jacque
Groups/Guilds: The Defenders Guild, Sanctuary


She grew up in the small village of Sùil dall with her family, until one day while foraging in the woods, she was bitten by an ender-touched creature. She was banished from her village and family, living on her own for many years until she found others just like her. Together they created a Sanctuary for Ender-touched, to both protect others from the cursed animals, and them from slaughter. She left in order to find either a cure, or others like them, and now travels across Lyconia, having joined the Defenders guild for the morally just coin earned.
–To be expanded and detailed closer–

Characteristics and Personality:

Occupation: Traveler/Adventurer
Education: Average, received education in a small village.
Strengths: Smart and wary of danger, strong survival instinct, cooperation skills, and empathy for others. Brave and courageous when faced with a threat to the wellbeing of others, especially the people she loves.
Weaknesses: Not very physically strong, not exceptionally skilled in combat. Tends to be quiet around strangers, unintentionally seeming suspicious and cold.
Likes/Hobbies/Values: People, Animals, Nature, Dark edgy corners, Ender-touched creatures
Dislikes/Phobias: Water, The Ender, Aggressive animals, Dangerous people
Fatal Flaws: Believes everyone can be redeemed
Skills: Animal handling, Management, and working as a team. Recently has been developing combat skill, particularly with a crossbow.
Dreams/Long-term Desires: To find a cure for the Ender, to build up Sanctuary, & to find more ender crystals
Mental Stability/Lack of: Fairly stable (for the most part)
Secrets: She tends to keep her affliction a secret unless necessary

Extra Questions:

What is the one item your character cannot live without?
Natalie does not value materials highly, rather she values the company of others
What is in their way in life?
One for all and all for one
What matters most to your character?
The wellbeing of others, most of all the ones she cares for
What’s your character’s type or archetype?
The quiet hero to most she meets, has a tree hugger archetype to those who know her well.
If you could describe your character in one sentence, what would you say?
Natalie is a good hearted girl with an unfortunate background, thrust into the spotlight regardless of her feelings towards it
What would break your character mentally?
Losing the people and places she loves

Major Accomplishments:

-Founded Sanctuary
-Avenged the slaughter of her home village
-Was granted a legendary sword by the sun god Koa’toale
-Went to Hell (twice) and survived
-Landed the killing blow on the Fire Dragon Pryvus

(Credit to KitchenWizard)

Health: 3

Race: Ender-Touched, 1 Ender Crystal
Racial Attributes:

  • Darkvision
  • Water burns on contact
  • Light magic is twice as effective
  • 0 MP (Mana Pool), cannot cast magic
  • Has an EP (Ender Pool) instead, can be refilled for 10 EP every 24 hours
  • Can sense the location of nearby Ender Crystals (1km)

Racial Abilities:

  • 25% (1d4) chance to infect creature through bite/blood & 48 hour time window to purify
  • Suck all light out of an area of 1 cubic meter for 5 EP
  • Conjure a dagger made of pure darkness for 10 EP

Class: Multiclass Warrior & Ranger
Default Abilities:

  • Untrained Slash (Trained Slash) - 1d20 [Default, Warrior]
  • Crossbow Shot (Hunting Shot) - 1d20 [Default, Ranger]

Special Abilities:

  • Determined Shot (Dragonbane Shot) - 1d20+5 (3 Turn Cooldown)
  • Reckless Charge (Desperate Riposte) - 1d30 (3 Turn Cooldown)
  • Patch Injuries (Wild Salve) - +1 HP for self OR ally (4 Turn Cooldown)
  • Savior - Absorb damage intended for a nearby ally (4 Turn Cooldown)

Unique Gear:

  • Koa’tole’s Fang: A flaming sword given form by the Sun God, Koa’toale (+2 to evil aligned creatres, 0 damage to good alighned creatures)
  • Hardwood Crossbow: A sturdy crossbow crafted by the Forest Lads (1d20)
  • Vale Village Flower: A special purple flower that could only be found at the Vale Village (Dispose of item at 0 HP to return to full health)