New Map Bugs!

Here’s a quickie list of things that I have found that are wackin’ around:

  1. Mob griefing is enabled, but I’m not sure if this is intended.
  2. The signs in spawn are labeled incorrectly for the gates. Weastern gate.
  3. Kit tools, while specified that I am able to use them in the welcome paper, I can’t access

Will add on as I learn things.

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  1. Mob griefing should only affect unprotected areas - ask a staff member to protect your personal house!
  2. Thanks for reporting, we’ve fixed it.
  3. /kit tools should work now.

This wasn’t happening last night, but when I harvest my Nether Wart farm this odd bug happens in chat:

That was just temporary while I was testing some things, don’t worry.

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Adding on again, I don’t seem to have access to /baltop. (Yes I’m being that person)

/baltop is supposed to be disabled. We don’t want the economy to be a competition.

not naming names
this is a good decision because of the last map though

I can private chests and barrels in spawn.

Are we also supposed to see who has the chests privated as well?

I believe you’re supposed to see who’s locked them but I’ll check with @FaintingHope

Yes, this is intentional so you can see who it belongs to!

Is there a way to toggle it on and off? It gets kind of annoying when I see this in chat constantly.

The LWC spam will be fixed with restart! Thanks!