Ninja Guild

The Ninja guild is a guild where people can roleplay as Ninjas in any character that they choose. The guild is located in Solidaridad (town closest to the Shire), in a Japanese temple. The ACTUAL base entrance however will not be revealed to non-guild members. The guild has 4 Head Ninjas and 1 leader, as well as normal members.

The guild base is the biggest out of the guilds and has multiple training rooms, a dining room, kitchen, library, four panda sanctuaries, Parkour, armories, prison, interrogation, farms, an arena, sparring room, and Ninja Dogs, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even a whole branch of the guild dedicated to relaxation.

The visible part of the guild (the Japanese temple) is for the Ninja’s Religion (also known The Religion of the Dragon). The top floor is where the Egg of the god is kept.

The guild is RP based where you take on Missions for GC. Missions could include Assassinations, theft, finding lost items, infiltration, spying, and guarding important people. The Amount of GC will vary depending on difficulty.

If a possibility, there will be RP battle abilities (like the mage). This is still only a possibility, has to be cleared by staff.

If you would like to join the guild, leave a comment here with your username below, and or Message me on Discord or in MC!

heyo, even though we are currently restructuring the races submissions right now, it might be worth to let you know that, as a general rule, races that act like professions (mages, ninjas, rogues, etc.) would be preferred as guilds/skillsets rather than actual races.

*Sidenote - dont get me wrong, its good writing, just feels more like an awesome guild idea with cool skills that could take effect IRP rather than a fully fleged race.

Okay, ^^ thanks for letting me know!