Odlegly - A Wanderer from a Lost People

Odlegly’s crest, made by him


Personal Info

Race: Half-Elf (Wood Elf/Human)
Gender: Male
Age: Early 40s
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Location: North of Lyconia, about 1/3rd the way to Icemark


Height: 6’ 2" / 1.88 m
Hair: Messy to chin level, bearded, golden blonde
Eye color: Light blue
Clothing: Closest example. The broach in his hat is a silver triangle with a ruby in the center
Scars: Several on his back, plus the occasional nick or two elsewhere
Voice: A slight, strange accent exists in his voice, but it seems he’s done a decent job of suppressing it for a more “generic” voice. He speaks moderately, rarely using slang.


Father: Ogien, Human
Mother: Siku, Wood Elf
Relationship status: Single




While born to a wood elf whose people lived in snowy forests near the north in an almost “Inuit” way, Odlegly and his mother lived with his father and his nomadic steppe tribe, mainly comprised of humans. Wide open spaces and horses were much of his life, though he’d often go on trips to neighboring forests and occasionally to a larger coastal city, often just to get supplies the tribe could not make on his own. He made many friends there, including an adopted Ceetak girl who was rescued from a river. Close to him becoming an adult, he was separated from his tribe and was eventually found and cared for by a dwarven couple. Upon his leave of them his interactions with the civilized world were always mixed, and he got his first taste of mass migrations, which given his heritage he handled quite well.

In time, he began to make friends in this new world, and started up a village for misfits like him as a co-chieftain. That village soon grew, however, and his general disdain for singular monarchs who encroached on his land came to a head when his village became a protectorate of a larger entity. His more egalitarian ways and view of the world forced him to leave, including leaving behind his love interest at the time, whom had obligation to the community.

He’d continue wandering until coming across a large archipelago, eventually settling down as a farmer. He formed a good relationship with a city that emerged on his island, whom he’d sell his goods to. He didn’t make much noise on these islands, and another great migration forced him to find a new spot to settle down once again, though he quite prefers the grasslands of this new world to the islands of the old.


Odlegly is often quiet, speaking only when he has something to say. He’s cautious about forming friendships given his past experiences, but deep down he knows he wants some people close to him, and perhaps even needs it. He hasn’t had a real closeness like he did in his tribe so long ago.

Even so, he was sometimes an misfit in his own tribe. He was the only half elf and most of the others his age were fully human. He never viewed himself as superior, however, due to how his tribe operated and the attitude of his father on the whole issue. It was from his mother he learned many survival skills, and traditions such as having enough food on your person for at least a day, even during feasts and festivals.

His religion has gone into flux. His tribe originally did not believe, or at the very least put any faith into the gods, instead focusing on “protectors”; peoples of the tribe’s past who watched over them and could be called upon in times of need. In the “old world” where he came from, a different pantheon of gods was worshiped, and Odlegly grudgingly accepted them, only to be given an entirely different pantheon here. He originally became a devout follower of Cecilia, but an incident threw that faith into a rift, and he decided his tribe’s beliefs were better, or at least made more sense to him.

In some ways, Odlegly still believes he could make a competent leader, but only in a system similar to his tribe. He’s not suited for leading people of the “modern” life, and large cities tend to make him claustrophobic after too long. He’s not simple and plain, however, and given his clothing choices and budding interest in philosophy he likes to put his mind to use.

Recent events have put him in a weird state. Raids by various factions, failed relationships, defender quests, elections, and just maintaining his own farm have put a lot of perspective on where he is now. He’d like to find his own people again someday, but he knows that’s likely a fever dream.