Official RoleplayCraft Gods & Goddesses

Here is the official pantheon of Gods and Goddesses for RoleplayCraft.

  • Coanh - The Father of all Gods and Goddesses. [knowledge, wisdom, water, fishing, sailing, benevolence, ethereal]
  • Bhisuth - God of death and night. [death, moon, stars, darkness]
  • Izan Gar’ich - God of trickery [mischief, shadows, trickery]
  • Koa’Tole - God of the sun. [ sun, light, fire, destruction ]
  • Ralena - The Mother of all Gods and Goddesses [ earth, harvesting, fertility, love, beauty]
  • Arundi - Goddes of fate and magic. [fate, magic, air, sky, wind, stars]
  • Erris - Goddess of war and protection. [war, battle, tactics, order, justice, forge]
  • Irina- Goddess of community and revelry [luck, brewing, celebration, gatherings]

Flying Squid1 :squid: Coanh - The Father of all Gods and Goddesses :squid: Flying_Squid

:sweat_drops:Coanh is the father of all Gods and Goddesses. Coanh is married to Ralena his wife. When Coanh came into being, he first created the waters of the world. After the creation of the waters and land, Coanh and Ralena gave life to the races that inhabit the world. To all that gaze upon him, his most common form is a giant squid. The elemental force of water is commonly associated with him. Those that seek the blessings of Coanh usually ask for his knowledge, his wisdom, safe passage through or across water, or ask for rain during drought or dry seasons.

:sweat_drops:Followers of Coanh typically wear garments in the colors of teal, blue, greys, black, and small amounts of white. Temples and shrines to the the squid god are often found in coastal areas. Sometimes in the ocean itself due to the aquatic beings that praise and worship Coanh.

Capture :hibiscus: Ralena - The Mother of All :hibiscus: Capture

:leaves:Ralena is the mother of all Gods and Goddesses. She is consort to Coanh; her husband. From their union, Ralena and Coanh have begot three sons and three daughters.
When Ralena first came into being she created the lands and greenery of the world. Afterwards, the Goddess created all of the animals upon the lands. Due to this the element that she is the most associated and connected to is that of earth. For all of those that gaze upon her, she usually presents herself to mortal’s in the form of a lovely plant creature or a beautiful white fox. As a deific being, Ralena is well known for her beauty, love, abundance, and compassion. Those that seek the blessings of Ralena usually ask for her love, fertility, beauty, benevolence, and for a bountiful harvest during good seasons.

:leaves: Followers of Ralena typically wear garments in the colors of greens, white, and yellow. Temples and shrines of Ralena can be found in cultures that praise nature, druid groves, fairy hills, within deep forests, and places where the magic of nature is strongest.

Bhisuth :skull_and_crossbones: Bhisuth - God of Death and Night :skull_and_crossbones: Bhisuth

:crescent_moon:Bhisuth is the first son of Coanh and Ralena. His father and mother charged him to be protector of the twilight he so cherished, and to ferry the dead to the lands of peace. Embraced by the night and adored by the stars, Bhisuth finds solace in comforting those whos time draws to a close upon the mortal world, his eyes alone conveying the care and comfort to those under his guidance to the lands of peace beyond. Bhisuth often wonders the night alone, seeking tranquility in the darkness. At times he appears to those in the night as a Wolf clad in midnight fur, dusted in white to emulate the stars he so loves. His left, white eye glows as the moon, to light the way for the lost. His right eye shines a pale blue, to guide those on the path to peace. It is often seen as a good omen to see a pair of eyes, one white, one blue, in the darkness if you are lost, and can follow them to safety. Through his fondness and love of the night, the element that is connected to him is that of Darkness. His symbol is that of a Moonlight filled sky. When people seek the blessings of Bhisuth they usually request for peaceful passage to the after life, for calm in the darkness of twilight, comfort in the night, or to harness the powers of the moon and stars.

:crescent_moon: Temples and shrines to Bhisuth are often found in burial grounds, graveyards, monasteries, churches, tavern/inns, and crossroads. Followers of Bhisuth generally adorn themselves in colors of dark blue, black, and silver. Often people will wear a pendant of a moon around their neck when they are traveling at night, or place a moon pendent necklace on those who are passing so that Bhisuth can help guide them peacefully into the afterlife.

Izan :performing_arts: Izan Gar’ich - God of Trickery and Shadows :performing_arts: Izan

:smirk_cat:Izan Gar’ich is the second son of Coanh and Ralena. Since the day Izan came into the world he has been a gleefully mischievous individual. Due to his impish nature, Izan Gar’ich was regularly found causing trouble, and mischief wherever he went. Izan also shares a love of the night with his brother Bhisuth. Frequently, the two of them can be found together. For those that gaze upon him, Izan commonly presents himself in the form a feline. A patron to scouts, thieves and all those who rely on the cover of shadows. Those that beseech the blessings of Izan usually ask for silent steps in the dark, and to be safely hidden from those that seek them.

:smirk_cat: Izan’s followers typically wear colors that represent the shadows that he dearly loves. Colors of dark or muted purples, greys, and blues. His temples are usually erected in thieves dens, small shines in alleys, and other secret places.

Capture2 :sunny: Koa’Tole - God of Sun and Fire :sunny: Capture2

:fire: Koa’Tole is the third son of Coanh and Ralena.

:sunny:The rising of the sun, the first warmth that hits the face, it known as the Kiss of Koa among the folk of the lands. The impassioned god is said to take the form of a burning serpent that carries the sun across the sky, chasing his night loving siblings with Light. When the day is finished, his brothers chase him and the sun back across the sky to once again start the cycle. He has a fascination with fire and light, often sharing his gift with the mortal races of the land. To invoke his favor is to feel the warmth of his blessing and ask the sun to once again dance across the sky in the morning, and for the controlled gift of fire. Sometimes, his love of fire can override his jovial nature, and he will watch gleefully as a wildfire spreads across the land in a raging inferno. His element is fire, and his aura is warmth.

:sunny:His nature is duality, warmth and compassion as the sun rises each morning, the Light and warmth given seeding life. His other side is that of burning wrath, burning everything it touches to ash, and blinding those with his light who dare look. His brother Bhisuth can be seen following behind him during such outbursts guiding those left behind, wrapping the still smoldering ash with night and cold.

:sunny:The lizardfolk in particular know Koa’Tole as “The Solar Serpent”. Those who worship Koa’tole are known as Astralytes. The religion of The Solar Serpent is called Astrosism. The majority of Koa’tole’s worshipers are of the lizardfolk race however it has been witnessed that tribes of the other humanoid races that live in the jungles and deserts will often worship the Solar Serpent, with some even merging with lizardfolk tribes. Currently there are no known instances of green-skins worshiping the solar serpent save for maybe the occasional goblin; as any other form of green-skin is normally hunted down and killed by roaming lizardfolk tribes on sight. Koa’tole’s emblem to the lizardfolk is an intricate reptilian eye. The lizardfolk see Koa as a serpent often depicted with spines and wings made of flame, constantly coiled in a similar manner to a ring or circle. The spines along his back and circular shape are said to symbolize the sun.

:sunny:Koa’Tole’s followers typically wear colors that represent the warmth and alluring glow of the sun that he cherishes. Colors of dark or muted reds, oranges, and yellows. His temples are usually erected in pyramids, small shrines inside of homesteads, campsites, near fireplaces or hearths. Often people will wear a pendant of a sun around their neck when they are traveling during the day.

Arundi :crystal_ball: Arundi -Goddess of Magic and Fate :crystal_ball: Arundi

:fireworks: Arundi is the first daughter of Coanh and Ralena. When Arundi came into the world she was a very happy beautiful little girl. When the family would go outside Arundi would love looking into the sky and seeing the beautiful white puffy clouds, and vast blueness. She also loved magic, she felt as if she could control it to do many wonderful things with it to make others happy. With her magic she could conjure up useful things to help others with day to day activities. All those that gaze upon her see her most common form of a beautiful and stunning Parrot. When people seek the blessings of Arundi they usually ask her for clear sky, her magical knowledge, and her insight. Arundi can often be found with her mother and father assisting them with whatever they need help with, she can be also found spending time with her siblings and helping them understand magic and the elements that they use.

:fireworks: Arundi’s followers adorn themselves in garments in the colors of white, silver, magenta, and purple. Temples and shrine of the goddess are often found in areas where magic is heavily concentrated, mages guilds, wizards towers, mage dwellings, and libraries.

Erris :shield: Erris - Protection and War :shield: Erris

:bear:The goddess Erris is the second daughter of Ralena and Coanh. Erris came into the world as a brilliant minded, and cunning goddess. Erris was found to be a master smith and craftswoman. She can work her way around any forge. When wars break out or disaster strikes the people of the realm often come to seek her blessings. People commonly beseech her blessing before and after battle, for tactical knowledge, order during chaos, and for justice. Smiths and craftsmen make offerings to her shines in exchange for creation boons. When people gaze upon Erris, they see her most common as that of a Bear. Erris often prevent her brothers Bhisuth and Izan Gar’ich in order, and preventing them from causing too much chaos in the realm.

:bear: Typically her followers are more minimalist in their garb. Adorning themselves in colors of greys and white. The colors of steel and neutrality. Erris’ temples and shrines can be found in every forge, guard house, barracks, and training grounds.

Irina :honeybee: Irina- Goddess of Community and Revelry :honeybee: Irina

:four_leaf_clover:The goddess Irina is the youngest child of Coanh and Ralena. Often times at the center of a gathering, both productive and jovial, she can be seen relishing at the effort of the individual for the sake of the whole. Due to her inquisitive and festive nature she has a fondness for brewing potions, tonics, ales, and fine wines. She will gleefully enjoy any offerings touched with honey, a smile never leaving her face as she does. Her symbol is that of the bee, as it embodies her ideals of a strong community over that of the lone wolf. Irina will often be invoked for the home and its protection as well, with a lit bees wax candle on the hearth. When people seek the blessings of Irina they often ask for a well-created brew, strength of community, and blessings of luck.

:four_leaf_clover: Irina’s followers wear garments of festive, and bright colors. Many of her clerics wear a pendent or pin with a bee on their clothes. Her temples and shrine can be found in breweries, town squares, gathering halls, inside homes, and in every other place of congregation.


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