On Gnomes and the Origin of Gnome Hunters

Living in small and highly secluded groups, gnomes are typically rarely seen. If they are seen by other races, they are roving in rural areas. They also became highly self-sufficient to maintain their almost misanthropic lifestyle. To aid this, they have evolved to be incredibly dexterous. Their dexterity allows them to finely manipulate tools so that they do not wear. However, as the joke goes, “gnomes suck” and they can only do it occasionally. The race’s dexterity is legendary, but it also became a source of anger.

Long ago, a gang of crossbowmen saw a gnome use their ability to prevent the wear of a weapon while slaughtering an animal. These crossbowmen, in the fervor of seeing their first gnome, believed that their power was derived from slaughtering creatures rather than from their dexterity. Their ignorance bred a concept: the Gnomish Takeover. This takeover is a scenario where, after taking the blood of innocents, gnomes gain incredible power and kill other races. This theory is untrue, but most believe it and oppress gnomes for it. However, the crossbowmen were unsatisfied with people’s efforts and became the first Gnome Hunters. From them descended all Gnome Hunters.

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Interesting take on the hunters!