OOF plus 8 more chars

Minecraft Username: waterslovesyou

Preferred Race: Gravewalker

Discord Username (if applicable): im sorry i don’t have one

Have you read the community rules and agree to follow them? Yup

How did you hear about this server? I used to play with Dan and his son years ago when the server first opened things have changed and its you guys now but i still love the server and everything rp stands for (praise the flying squid) “haha old rp jokes”

Tell us a little about yourself: Well theres not much i don’t want to bore anyone i work from home i had a pug called mazie and i went to university to do engineering i play games when i have free time and enjoy nature and walks like that idk that felt pretty well rounded for me if theres anything i missed out sure i can always answer them.

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Accepted, welcome back to RPC! :slight_smile: