PEONY GREEN'S 12 TRIALS (In the right category this time)

Peony Green, Basspoint’s Florist, has sent a call for all adventurers to aid him in his trial- to collect legendary…flowers. A letter was posted on your local notice board.
" …These flowers, which each have individual, magical properties, are found in various locations around Lynconia! I am unable to collect them myself and require strong, capable warriors. Anyone interested, please come to Basspoint for further inquiries."
Quests will happen once every day (Unless postponed by KitchenWizard) at 3:30PM EST. Bring gear, but most fights are IRP. Expect quests to be 1-2 hours long.

Found in the deep reaches of the Jungle, the adventurers had to maneuver the traps of an overgrown, flammable temple. The Rose was collected… not without casualty. The group triggered a massive stone tiger trap, but were ultimately able to take down the statue.

On the streets of busy Rocktop, the party encountered a friendly Halfling who offered to guide them to the summit of the largest mountain in exchange for a cut of their pay. The group encountered the Goldenhorn, a mountain goat of legend. After slaying it, the Halfling remained with the creature and sending the adventures home.

The adventurers were dropped off into a swamp bordering a forest to collect the iron orchid. Facing slime, rain, and mud, they eventually found a shack which gave them clues to find their prize. The orchid was guarded by a massive copperhead snake, which was driven off successfully.

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