Name: Proudmead
Kingdom: The Fae Dominion
Owner: IkovRaven
Co-Owner: Serilynia
Members: Wintercraft147, more to be announced!
Location: X: -1613.200, Y: 72, Z: 3330.816
Warp: Faerin

Town Description
Proudmead is a small halfling village outside of the Fae Dominion capital of Faerin. The settlement of Proudmead is heavily based on agricultural endeavors. Such as farming, and growing a variety of different sustainable food resources. Along with the production of fine ales and mead. The agricultural community of the town has always worked with the city of Faerin by providing much of the cities agricultural needs and will continue to do so. Since the weakening of the veil over the city of Faerin, the settlement of Proudmead is now getting more traction due to the appearance of Mortals and Fae of the present. Proudmead is accepting all walks of life through its doors as it continues to prosper and grow!

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A wide variety of houses are now available in Proudmead!

House Costs
Medium: $600
Large: $1000

Specialty Shops
Meadery: Omri
Inns: $1500

Please note that the shops cannot be changed in any way other than the inside. The specialty shops have specific conditions that apply in order to qualify to purchase them.

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