Ralmorian History: Old Lore For Categoration Purposes

Server Lore:

Creation: In the beginning of the Plane there was only the Gods. The Gods always were, and since no time existed yet, it is impossible to understand this period of Creation by mortals. The god, Orision, the Squid God, understood thoughts and desires of Peace, and Stasis and he was happy with the Peace that this Plane was in. In understanding this, he set the first form of the Plane. This was the great darkness and its unchanging state. A peaceful and lifeless black expanse that was infinite and inhabited by many Gods. The God Rasher understood War and Change. Unhappy with the Stasis of the void, he ignited a great flame to burn to challenge it. This is the Sun.

Once the darkness and the light existed the Gods began to take form. They drifted the Plane in confused disorganization. Orision, who had thought badly of this, sought the help of the God Macer. Macer understood Organization, and Creation. Orision chose him as his architect to create a method by which to organize the Plane, and give the Gods clarity. Macer had developed the idea of Time making it a new possibility. He gave of himself in order to create Time. Destroying the ability for him to exist in his physical form, Macer’s conscious soul laid the framework for Time and it had now begun to pass. But Macer’s soul had also given another gift to the Plane in the want for creation. The Gods grew restless and began creating new ideas and gave constant form to themselves in order to act on the Plane.

This was when Hahrana, the Earth Goddess, sought the creation of the World. Hahrana understood Life, and Fertility, but now also knew Time, and Creation, as did all the Gods. She knew Creation was complex and she sought the wisdom of Orision to help her. Orision gave form of water to an empty space in the void and Hahrana brought land forth from the sea. Elder Trees grew under the fiery energy of Rashers Sun. Noticing this, Rasher grew happy towards the new creation. He gave change to the two heavenly bodies and they began to move, spinning through the void. Razgriz noticed the creation and knew it as well to be good. He understood Deceit and Darkness. He gave shadow to one side of the World that Rasher’s Sun could never see. Under it all forms of creatures that crawl and squirmed hid from the God’s eyes. Marus, The God of Death, saw these creatures as a threat to the World. Understanding Death, Marus created the Moon. He ripped one of his eyes out and placed it in orbit of the World and gave it motion opposite Rasher’s Sun so he could see all creatures and take their lives when their number threatened Orision’s balance. Orision, Rasher, Hahrana, Razgriz, and Marus watched the creation. They knew it to be good.

Rasher and Hahrana brought two sons into the Plane to help give change and purpose to the World. Ordehn, who knew Valor, Strategy and Kinsmanship, and Enech who knew Madness, Trickery, and Selfishness. Ordehn loved his brother Enech. They would often walk the creation together and Enech would play tricks on the other Gods. Orision created Saraiya, the Goddess of Understanding and Tradition. Saraiya gave the mortal races of elves to the World to uphold the beliefs of the Gods and they did so in great honor to their mother Saraiya. Enech, in order to joke with Saraiya, created humans who rapidly changed the World to their own image. Ordehn, to make the humans more honorable, mixed blood with them and created the Norse race.

Rasher created the God Mithron to help him build the bones of the World. Mithron understood Commerce and Construct. He knew the World could not support the weight of creation and told Rasher he would devise a way to build the bones of support if Rasher would have Hahrana grant him enticing stones. Mithron was given Iron, Gold, and Diamonds. He and Rasher used the Iron to build the bones and support the World. Mithron gave Enech the Diamonds and Gold to hide in the World. He then created the races of Dwarves and Gnomes to go into the World and build great things to honor the Gods.

At this time the Mortals spoke different strange tongues, known to each race as the elder tongue of their people. Saraiya, the Goddess of Understanding, gave them all a singular language that they may know one another’s words. Saraiya fell deeply in love with Ordehn and his values. She birthed their daughter Maya to the World. Maya understood Love, Compassion, and Union. She gave these ideas to the Mortals for she knew it would make them happy, something she knew to be good. Enech sought to bring his madness to the races of Mortals and used his power to curse them. Turning them into beasts that often wished for death. These cursed Mortals were known as the Werewolves. They would transform into horrible beasts and terrorize their brothers and sisters. Maya, out of compassion for these mortals, asked her father Ordehn to stop his brother’s madness. In agreeing to his daughter’s plea, he promised Enech retribution for any curse he shall ever lay upon the Mortals. In humorous enjoyment, Enech saw this as a challenge. Enech then created many forms of mental sickness that fell over the Mortals. Ordehn, Mithron, and Saraiya saw Enech now as a direct threat to their Mortals. Mithron created Adamantus who understood Mining and Forging. Adamantus created powerful weapons and armors for the Gods.

Using Adamantus’ powerful weaponry, Ordehn, Mithron, and Saraiya did battle with and defeated Enech. He was commanded by the Gods to end his tricks and curses on the Mortals. Enech then compacted with Razgriz. Razgriz promised Enech that he would shroud his actions in darkness, unable to be seen by the other Gods. Able to play his tricks on all Gods and creation without being seen. The Gods looked at creation and saw it to be good. They descended to the World and walked with the Mortals for a millenia.

A Brief History of the Gods: In the early years of the World, the Gods walked side by side with mortals. What they had created gave them all great joy and they had great desire to keep it that way. Saraiya, Ordehn, and Mithron ruled directly over their creations.

The world was in balance and all the Gods acted on it in their own ways, trying to shape the world to the image they thought perfect. Other Gods from the plane came to creation. These beings were not involved in creating the World. They instead saw the Mortal races as tools to be used for their own purposes. They tempted the mortals towards their beliefs. Each one of them attempting to change all of creation into what they found pleasing. When these ideas came to resist one another, these Gods used the mortals to war against one another. They believed that by destroying all forces in opposition to their own, they would prove that their way was correct. Lives were lost in great number.

The Goddess Theiehl held ideals that mortals would most closely understand as Intimidation and Greed. She was the first of The Fallen to come to the World. Theiehl quickly brought mortal groups to her, forcefully. She saw creation and wanted for it greatly. Acting on impulse and her own Greed, she began to create a force that would take all of the World for her own. Her armies staged attacks on land and settlements of the other mortals, putting claim to the land and bringing more to her side.

Noticing this, Grohmal-Vahk saw great opportunity and descended to the World. He knew what the mortals might call Domination and Suffering. His power had a great and terrible effect on them. Twisting their minds into deep despair and anguish, and flaying them to the disgust of all those who witnessed, these people had no choice but to serve him as their master. In worship of their new master, his slaves would flay others in grand spectacle. Grohmal-Vahk took his slave armies and captured and tortured many. Zarik, who understood Hatred and Destruction, watched from the plane. In understanding Destruction, he disagreed with Macer’s understanding of Creation. He wanted only to see it removed from existence. Zarik compacted with Theiehl and Grohmal-Vak. The three, seeing a mutual need for one another, combined forces and laid siege to the races that followed the Gods of Creation. Within only days they had killed tens of thousands of mortals, and taken others into their growing military.

Rasher saw the threat to his creation and drew forth a new type of being from the ground. Their bodies as hard and brutal as the bones of the World. These were the Orcs. secondRasher took his new army and appealed to Saraiya, Ordehn, and Mithron for aid. In desperation, they readied their people for war. For a second time they sought Adamantus and his forge for help. The weapons he created for their armies are now relics, known to be the greatest weapons in existence. Ordehn spoke to his brother Enech. Enech also agreed preservation of creation was of the highest of importance. He urged the Humans and they joined the other races on the battlefields. These events were known as the God Wars.

Over hundreds of years the forces of Rasher, Saraiya, Ordehn, Mithron, and Enech fought against Theiehl, Grohmal-Vak, and Zarik. Their forces combined to make one greater military called the Trivenem. Entire ancient cities and cultures developed during the period, and the Trivenem held back the armies facing them with success. The mortal way of life flourished.