Ratmen Lore

Ratmen are a subterranean race that rarely, if ever, see the light of day. They dwell in twisting and turning tunnels deep underground. They have a clan based social structure, with a complex “web” of trading, warring, and allying with each other.

Ratmen live in twisting and turning maze-like tunnels, deep in the bowels of the earth.

Interaction With Other Races:
Ratmen rarely interact with other races, as it’s rare for surface races to dare to go down as deep as they are. Few races know of their existence due to this. Due to their position though, they sometimes come into contact with dwarven mining expeditions and the rare dark elf.

Looking almost exactly like bipedal rats, they come in a variety of natural colors, including brown, white, black and grey, though some warriors might dye their fur in red patterns. Most ratmen are between 4 and 5 feet tall, though are seen as shorter due to their hunchbacked nature. Their fur is fine, thick, and waterproof, helping make the Ratmen unusually excellent swimmers.
Ratmen are full of lean muscle, able to match a human male in a test of physical strength. Ratmen also have normally shorter lifespans, dying of old age around 60, if they aren’t killed in battle first and maturing at 10. They also have excellent noses, nightvision, and are excellent natural diggers owing to the fact they live in dark underground caves their whole lives.

Ratmen are followers of Asilio who they worship as their true god, rooting out stray cults of Xafyn, the great eater of mana.

Their society is clan based, with clans considering themselves family, and rarely is there ever infighting in one. One clan can reach into the hundreds in numbers, which breed rapidly and hold their own territory, normally around a place of importance (be it a large mine, wells of mana, or underground magma vents). Each clan normally specializes in one thing, as well.
Ratmen have an insane sense of loyalty to their own clan, taking even the slightest insult to heart. Their social structure is tiered, though everyone is respected in the same manner. Each person is expected to do their job, which is assigned at birth.
Magic plays a large part in their society as well, with Mages serving as priests. The Mage caste works with their engineering caste, being two of the most respected. Mages power great war and mining machines, solely in charge of expansion for their rapidly breeding clans. Ratmen also treat each other with respect, rarely insulting each other.

Ratmen have a quick, chittering language. The words are often short and to the point, with very few double meanings. The written language is in pictographs, with each picture meaning a word.

Their architecture consists of dug out tunnels and rooms, both covered in carved and intricate scrimshaw-like patterns.

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