Renald survives the Fire!

An old man, with a bald cap ringed with gray hair, shouts in the central plaza of Icemark. His words are heretical, and yet he speaks with force!

“People of Icemark! Heed my words! Your Gods are false!”
“There is only one God, and his name is AHLLOR!”
“What Gods do your priests speak of?! The Leviathan? Who among us has seen this leviathan? They speak of Naphira! But who among us has seen this god? Torran, and Ferne too are false gods!”
“They are all but one God, parts of the GREAT AHLLOR!

A group of peasants, angry yet curious, gathers around the strange man. At his words, they shout and jeer in attempts to drown him out.

“You are angry, because you have not seen! Ahllor is the true God! He is the one, the truth, the almighty! The gods you know are but manifestations of him!”

A brave man approaches from the crowd, a wizard of some renown. He speaks up, replying to the heretic’s assertions.

“Hm. It seems like to worship one of the gods is still worshipping this “Ahllor”, no? If they are simply manifestations of him, it all leads to him in the end, does it not?”

Renald, the Heretic, counters,

“Ahllor is but one God! To separate his divinity is the true Heresy! It is untruth to suggest otherwise!”

An angry peasant lights a fire bomb, and throws it at Renald’s feet. He does not step back.

“You are angry, because you have not seen!”

Renald steps into the fire, and is not burnt. He stamps out the fire with his feet.

“The Grace of Ahllor has saved me, friends! What heresy can I speak, if your false gods do not harm me for it! What more truth do you need?! Your own eyes have seen it!”"

The crowd, disbelieving and enraged by this spectacle, charges Renald. He is chased out of Icemark, surely to return again in the near future.