Rhea Character Bio

Character Name: Rhea

Personal Information:

Race: Dark Elf
Age: 24 years old
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: None


Height/Weight: 6’0”/183cm and 165lbs/75kg - Nimble, athletic build.
Hair: Long, silky, blue-gray colored hair that reaches the mid-back.
Eyes: Sea green
Commonly Worn Clothing: Rhea usually wears a light green colored tunic of simple nature, and fitted, darkly-colored shorts. Both pieces of clothing are dyed using what nature has surrounded her with: Parts of different plants and animals. She wears a necklace made of braided fiber and sea shells. A few small sea shells are also braided into sections of her hair, along with other beads made of stones from the sea. A plant-based leather strap around her leg acts as a holster for the obsidian dagger she carries.
Physical Mannerisms: A sweeping scar previously caused by a gash on her back underneath her right shoulder blade. She also has several scarred bite marks on her left calf . Over time, Rhea has been adorned with various tribal tattoos traditional to the islander culture she’s been brought up in.
Voice: Her accent and slang resemble that of an islander, smooth, witty, and unrecognizable by most. Her tone of voice is relatively quiet and calm.

Family and Friends:

Father & Mother: Unknown. Rhea has no known biological family. The others inhabiting the current isolated mangrove community in which she lives have adopted her and raised her as a group.
Siblings: Unknown
Extended Family: Unknown
Children: None
Friends: A few of the older villagers of the Glade.
Alliances: Rhea has a very limited knowledge of a distant coastal community that she and her people have come into contact with on rare occasions. This community is believed to be friendly, though the foundation of their relationship is purely based on the nature of business and trading.


“Waves crash against the outside wall of the mangrove trees. The Glade is the vanguard of the coast. During severe tropical storms, shipwrecked material and other foreign treasures can occasionally wash up on the shores or become tangled in the intricate root structure of the mangrove forest. Rarely, the bodies of unfortunate souls who’ve perished in these storms can also wash ashore. Rhea, however, happened to be one of the extraordinary few to survive such an ordeal.

After being found as a young child by a small fishing party belonging to an isolated community living within the mangroves, Rhea was initially raised collectively to live as an independent member of the community. This was based on the expectation that she would one day leave the Glade to return to her place of origin. Albeit as time passed and Rhea grew, she was integrated into their society.

Currently, Rhea lives alone in her own dwelling among the mangrove trees. Her duties to the village include hunting, foraging, and gathering plant and animal materials to be traded and sold to the distant coastal town to the east. Rhea’s also one of the few members of the village able to deep-water dive for sunken shipwreck treasure.”

Characteristics and Personality:

Occupation: Treasure hunter, hunter/forager for the community. Her young age and athletic build have been of use to the other villagers in her community. They rely on her and other strong members to hunt for food and gather supplies and materials used within the community.
Education: Rhea’s education of the outside world is extremely limited. She’s adept at reading and writing in island script, but has little to no knowledge of other cultures, languages, or creatures. The only outsider language she has been taught to master is sign language. She lacks what is usually considered proper etiquette, but makes up for it with her innate ability to
Strengths: Due to living in an islander community, Rhea has a highly developed, keen skill for fishing and deep-water diving. Though she cannot breathe underwater, she can currently hold her breath underwater for up to 12 minutes. Years of swimming, climbing, and exploring the mangroves have increased her strength and agility.
Weaknesses: Language barriers are an obvious challenge for Rhea. Her lack of knowledge not only makes interacting with outsiders frustrating for her, but also inherently dangerous. Rhea has a profound respect for the elements and nature. She does not handle the misuse or abuse of nature well. Due to her lack of experience with other people, she struggles with the emotional aspect of harming or killing something for reasons other than food/sustainability.
Languages: Islander script, sign language.
Likes/Hobbies/Values: Likes- Creatures that inhabit the mangrove, rainy days, all the fruit. Hobbies- Rhea likes to collect treasures and trinkets. Values- She values nature and the elements, as well as a sense of belonging to a group.
Dislikes/Phobias: Dislikes- Rhea dislikes sour foods and obnoxious or rigid people. Phobias- Rhea is afraid of large boats and loud, high-pitched noises such as horns.
Fatal Flaws: The concept of abuse is something Rhea can neither understand nor agree with. The thought and act make her incredibly angry, but she also lacks the mental/emotional know-how and ability to deal with it. Being relatively sheltered for most of her life, she struggles to understand the hardships many face in the outside world. Fighting is not currently her strong-suit.
Dreams/Long-term Desires: Rhea’s long-term desire would be to eventually adventure into the outside world.
Mental Stability/Lack of: Rhea’s considered mentally stable.
Secrets: Rhea has a secret stash of hidden treasures she’s found over the years in a rocky alcove near her home.

Extra Questions:

What is the one item your character cannot live without? A moonstone pendant secured around her neck. Thought to bring good luck, this was the only item she had from her life before she washed up on the shores of the Glade.

What is in their way in life? Her lack of knowledge of the outside world.

How has this character developed within the last few years? Rhea has become increasingly interested in matters of interaction with the distant coastal community. She’s begun developing ideas of what life outside the mangrove would be like.

What matters most to your character? The ability to trust herself and trust others. Maintaining respect for nature.

What’s your character’s type or archetype? The Underestimated. The Independent.

If you could describe your character in one sentence, what would you say? “There she goes again.”

What would break your character mentally? Being made to feel that she’s not capable of learning anything new or belonging to something.