Rocktop and Gnomebase

Name: Rocktop
Kingdom (Optional): N/A
Owner: TonalBells
Co-owners: MagFrag, KitchenWizard
Members: gomezash, HannaHex
Location: 2569, 79, -2926
Warp (Optional): Gnomebase, though N/A atm

One of many gnomish homelands, Gnomebase and the surrounding lands of Rocktop strike their claim to glory as being built around the cavern that the original gnome slithered out of. Generally peaceful, bar the nightly gnome hunter raids, the people of the village are excited to rebuild their homes for the third time this century. Much as with the Gnomish religion and its worship of the Dual One, Keeler, Master of both Dark and Light, the city of Rocktop is divided in two, with a great fortified wall dividing Gnomebase from the rest of Rocktop.