Roleplaycraft 1.1: The Brewmaster Expansion

Hello again! The Brewmaster Expansion marks the first official expansion we’ll be making the Roleplaycraft. What is an expansion? Well, it’s basically a bunch of changes and improvements that the staff team has made that will share a similar theme. Expect to see many more of these in the future :slight_smile:.

The Brewery plugin has returned, and with new custom drinks! There are only two ways to discover these recipes: experimentation or completing (or winning) an event. For example, we may hold a brewing competition where the best brewer(s) get told the recipe to a new drink.

If you don’t know how to use this plugin, we have a guide right here: Roleplaycraft Brewery Guide

Instruments? In Minecraft? What witchcraft is this!?
Welp, yes, we have some instruments now. And get this: they’re actually playable! We’ll be providing the crafting recipes for all of these new instruments below.

Snare Drum
Bass Drum

Names in Roleplay
Tired of your minecraft name showing in roleplays? Well, now we have the command /rpname. You can use this to essentially change your nickname, but it only shows in roleplay channels.

/rpname [Name]: Set your roleplay display name to [Name]
/rpname reset: Reset your roleplay name

Character Bios
With forums, we now have a place to submit character bios.
Read more here: Character Bios Submissions

Physical Currency
We now sell physical currency at the Bank of Lyconia (spawn). Hooray for roleplay realism!

Once again, you can use /sit to sit. (This is temporarily: We’ll soon restore the plugin where you can right click on a stairs block to sit in it)

And… that’s it. We hope that you enjoy all of these new additions, and we look forward to seeing you in game! :smile:

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