Roleplaycraft 1.2.1: Referrals

Hello everyone, we’ve made a few changes but rather than waiting for the next expansion we’re just gonna release a few of them in this minor update: RPC 1.2.1.


From now on, you can receive in-game currency for referring other players to our server!
Here’s how it works:

  1. Type in /refer [playername] before they first join the server.
  2. The player must join the server within 30 minutes of you typing the command.
  3. When they join, you get a $50 reward for referring the player!
  4. If the player ends up playing on Roleplaycraft for over an hour, you get a $100 bonus!
  5. If the player makes a villager application, you get another $100! (this can be before or after the hour is up)

Roleplaycraft Features List

We get that it can be a pain going back through past expansion changelogs to find crafting recipes or command syntaxes, so we made a post with all the custom features we’ve added in!

Roleplaycraft Features List

Racial Attribute Changes

We’ve made a few changes to the Racial Attributes we’ve listed in the Racial Expansion (RPC 1.2). We’ve already updated them there, but we’ll list the changes here too.

Upside: Repair some items on killing certain mobs ->
10% chance to not lose durability when using a sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, bow, trident, or crossbow. 10% chance for armor to not lose durability when taking damage from monsters or players.

Downside: 50% health and damage during day -> 60% health and damage during day

Upside: Conduit power when underwater -> Conduit power, dolphin’s grace, and haste when underwater
Downside: Slowness and weakness applied to them when on land -> Slowness, weakness, and mining fatigue applied to them when on land.

Downside: They have 7.5 hearts instead of 10. -> They have 7 hearts instead of 10.


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