Roleplaycraft 1.2: The Racial Expansion

Greetings fellow Roleplaycraftians! We find ourselves at our second expansion, the Racial Expansion! The highlight of this expansion is racial attributes: now the little race by your name has real implications on your gameplay!

Race Attributes

Your choice of race now influences your gameplay style! Each race now has an upside and a downside. If you choose a custom race, you will automatically be given human attributes. The new attributes are listed here.

Upside: No downside
Downside: No upside

Upside: Haste 2 applied when mining
Downside: 15% reduced movement speed

All Elves (Wood Elves, High Elves, Dark Elves)
Upside: Deal double damage with a bow or crossbow
Downside: Deal 0.75x damage with other weapons

Upside: 30% bonus movement speed, Invisible when shifted
Downside: Maximum health of 8 hearts (rather than 10)

Upside: Gain 2x gold from mining
Downside: Suffer “Gold withdrawal syndrome” after 5 minutes of not touching gold

Half Elf
Upside: Night Vision during night
Downside: 5% less experience (orb) gain

Upside: 10% chance to not lose durability when using a sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, bow, trident, or crossbow. 10% chance for armor to not lose durability when taking damage from monsters or players
Downside: 0.5% chance of a Gnome Hunter spawning instead of a normal monster

Upside: 1.2x damage against mobs
Downside: 1.4x mob spawn rate

Upside: 150% health, damage, and speed once exposed to the moon
Downside: 80% health and damage otherwise

Upside: Starting iron helmet and 50% chance to heal 0.5 hearts on attacking an enemy
Downside: Start burning when exposed to the sun without a helmet

Upside: Can eat rotten flesh, spider eyes, and raw chicken without being poisoned
Downside: Can only eat meat items & buff items (golden apples & honey)

Upside: Conduit power, dolphin’s grace, and haste when underwater
Downside: Slowness, weakness, and mining fatigue applied to them when on land

Upside: Free unbreakable elytra
Downside: Take 20% more damage from mobs

Same attributes as Humans

Changing your Race

Now you can use /changerace to change your race once you’ve hit the rank of villager! There’s a cooldown of two weeks in between race changes, so keep this in mind.

NOTE: You still have to ask an Admin if you want to change to a custom race.

Lored Items

You can now use /lore to add lore to items.

Setting a lore line: $50
Removing a lore line: $25
Setting a name: $25

More Roleplay Commands!

In addition to /rpname, we now have /rpbio and /rpinspect. You can inspect a player’s IGN, RP name, and RP bio by right clicking on them or using /rpinspect [player].

/rpbio: Add a character bio link that can be seen using /rpinspect or right-clicking on the player
/rpinspect: Inspect a player’s IGN, RP name, and RP bio

Keyboard Mode for Instruments

We now have a slightly faster way to play instruments! Use /keyboard to enable Keyboard Mode, a mode that autoplays a note whenever you hover over it.
Note: At the moment, you can’t play a note twice without either using right-click or switching to a different item and back.


  • Upcoming Event: Defenders of Lyconia Pt. 1, Music Competition
  • Keep your :eyes: peeled for /checkin rewards!
  • Rewards for referring other players will also come soon
  • The DiscordSRV plugin was restored on Thursday, 1/16/20
  • The Black Market has been finished in Spawn. Hint: It’s by the bamboo!