Roleplaycraft 1.3: Of Fighters and Fae

Hello Roleplaycraft! We’ve arrived at our third expansion since Lyconia, Of Fighters and Fae! The highlights of this expansion are right there in the name: we have a new area for PvP and PvE and the city of Faerin has been released!

The Colosseum of Heroes

At /warp arena, you can access the new and fully functional Colosseum of Heroes! There are plenty of stuff to do in this area, most notably the Colosseum’s Trials.

Trials consist of 20 waves which you must battle through and complete to gain rewards! Right-clicking on one of the Trial signs by /warp arena with an empty inventory will teleport you into the arena and begin the Trial.

McMMO and Racial bonuses are disabled during a Trial, only one person can attempt a Trial at a time, and you will be kicked out of the Trial if you use your fist/disconnect/die/drop items.

Be warned, though! Completing even the first trial is no easy feat (for experienced players too)!

Trials consist of custom enemies that spawn in waves, with the 10th wave being a Mini-boss and the 20th wave being the Boss. Easier Trials must be completed before the harder Trials.
The rewards for the Trials are as follows:

  • Trial of the Challenger: Mark of the Challenger (Pin) and $600. $20 on subsequent clears.
  • Trial of the Warrior: Mark of the Warrior (Pin) and $900. $30 on subsequent clears.
  • Trial of the Gladiator: Mark of the Gladiator (Pin) and $1200. $40 on subsequent clears.
  • Trial of the Veteran: Mark of the Veteran (Pin) and $1500. $50 on subsequent clears.

From the seating area, players can spectate anyone attempting a Trial! If you try jumping into the center or damaging enemies, you will be teleported away.

PvP is also enabled in the arena pit, so feel free to fight there when there aren’t any Trials going on!

Feel free to roleplay in the Colosseum or in the nearby settlement.
Lore: The Colosseum of Heroes


The time has come! The veil that shrouded the city has fallen! Faerin, the Fae Capital, has been revealed for the world to see!
Check out the new city at /warp Faerin !
Lore: Faerin - Capital of the Fae Dominion

Racial Attribute Changes

We all saw this coming: Orcs have been nerfed a bit. They are a bit too effective at their job. Lizardfolk are pretty weak, so we’ll be giving them a small buff.

Upside : 1.5x -> 1.2x damage against mobs
Downside : 1.5x -> 1.4x mob spawn rate

Downside : Lose hunger 1.5x -> 1.2x as fast


Pin are neat little items that you can obtain from questing, events, or Trials. When you use /pin while holding a Pin, that Pin will be set as your favorite pin. It’ll appear on your /rpinspect character bio from then on. If you use /pin without holding a Pin, it’ll clear your favorite pin.

Defenders of Lyconia

We have a new weekly Quest that’s held on Wednesdays at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. Serving the Defenders of Lyconia guild, players can choose from a list of quests and earn money on successfully completing one.
Read more here: Defenders of Lyconia Questline


  • Second Pillager Quest next week: “Supply Run”
  • Updated to 1.15.2 on February 3rd, 2020
  • The price of Emeralds has been dropped to 8 G.
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