Roleplaycraft 1.4: The Guilds and Companions Update

People of Roleplaycraft! We have reached our fourth expansion: The Guilds and Companions Update! This expansion introduces an in-game system for Guilds, a useful way to teleport your mount across the map, and place for you to 1v1 other players!


We now have an entire Guilds system in-game! With the /guild command you can:

  • Create a Guild for 1000 G.
  • Make your Guild public/private. Public Guilds can be joined by anyone, while Private Guilds are invite-only.
  • Level up your Guild with /guild upgrade to increase max guild member count and unlock more features! (1000 G for Tier 2, 2500 G for Tier 3, 5000 G for Tier 4)
  • Guild leaders can use /guild shout to send a message to online guild members (Tier 1)
  • Guild leaders can set a Guild Base that can be teleported to by Guild members (Tier 1)
  • Set a prefix for your Guild that shows up when Guild members chat (Tier 2)
  • Buy temporary guild-wide potion effect buffs (Tier 3)
  • Receive Pins for all Guild members and ranks (Tier 4)
  • Crests: A Tier 4 feature that will be coming in the near future.


Want to prove your PvP skills? Use /duel challenge [Player] [Bet] to challenge a player to a 1v1 Duel. Whoever wins the duel earns all the money bet! You’ll have to bring your own armor and weapons to the duel, but inventory will be kept on death. Use /watch to spectate a duel in progress.
If the bet is over 50 G, the duel will be announced to the server with a broadcast.

The Auction House

Turn right at /warp bank to reach the Auction House. Auctions will take place here, where goods are sold to the highest bidder.
Auction will be announced 1 hour ahead on Discord, and only take place on weekends. Simply ask a Staff member to participate. The commission fee will be 15% for a blind auction (mystery box) and 10% for an open auction.

Special Pins

Special Pins are shown alongside on your /rpinspect bio alongside your favorite pin. Just like for setting a favorite Pin, use /pin while holding a Special Pin to add it. We currently only have two Special Pins, but we’ll be adding more in future updates.


Horses, donkeys, and mules can now be selected as companions. These can be teleported to you anywhere on the map for a cost of 15 G. You must own an animal to select it. This means either you’ve tamed it or the previous owner has used /companion setowner to make you the new owner.
Your companion selection gets reset on server restarts, so you’ll have to re-select it.

/companion select - Select a horse, mule, or donkey that you own and are looking at
/companion summon - Teleport your selected companion to you for 15 G
/companion owner - Check who owns the horse/donkey/mule you’re looking at
/companion setowner [Player] - If you’re the owner of the horse/donkey/mule you’re looking at, you can set the new owner

Racial Attribute Changes

Downside : Deal half -> 0.75x damage with other weapons

Upside : Invisible when shifted, 1.5x -> 1.4x movement speed
Downside : Take 2x -> 2.5x damage from falling


  • Visit /warp bank to donate for the Dynmap plugin. We’re currently at 55,000/200,000 G.
  • Excited for Brewfest? We have a date! The greatest festival in the history of Roleplaycraft will be beginning on the first day of Spring! More info will probably be coming soon.
  • The Red Poison Quest will be taking place on March, Saturday 14th, 2020.
  • The /changerace cooldown has been lowered to 1 week.
  • New spawn stall policy: Stall owners who haven’t been online for 2 weeks will be vacated.
  • Use “/warp valdarim” to visit the current outpost of the Val’Darim Raiders.
  • Update regarding the Icemark Election: In a surprise twist, all four candidates joined together, removing the need for a vote
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