Roleplaycraft 1.5: Citizens, Lore/Custom Races, and Festivities!

RoleplayCraft 1.5 Update: Citizens, Lore/Custom Races, and Festivities!

People of Roleplaycraft! We are pleased to announce our fifth expansion: Citizens, Lore/Custom Races, and Festivities! With this expansion brings updates to policies on lore, citizen applications and upcoming events.

Huge thanks to @BlackRavenClaw_IkovR for helping to write the changelog :slight_smile:

Citizen Applications

On the forums under the minecraft tab will be a subsection called Citizen Applications. Here you will be able to submit a new forum post applying to become a citizen! To be approved for citizen you must have the following:

  • Your Minecraft Username
  • The Date you applied to be a Villager (It should’ve been at least 2 months ago)
  • Require two people with the rank of Citizen+ to approve of your application

If you are approved to become a citizen you will receive additional in-game homes and an McMMO boost.

Lore and Custom Races

We are changing our policy on custom races and lore.

  • Lore now must be approved by a staff member to become official. As long as it doesn’t contradict pre-existing lore, it should be fine.
  • You can submit lore for approval on the Lorechannel. A staff member will then respond with whether or not it’s approved and why. If approved, the topic will be closed and it will be linked on the Roleplaycraft Lore Masterpost. If not, you will be given a chance to revise it.
  • In order to choose a custom race on the server, your lore for that race must be approved on the forums.
  • Players with a custom race right now will be given a two week grace period to create lore for it or reconsider their race.

Spawn Plots

We will now be selling Guild plots and Individual plots south of spawn to build on! Just ask a staff member to purchase one.

Inititiative Command

We now have /initiative , a command that makes rolling initiative quicker and easier.

/init start [radius] - Roll initiative for all players within the specified radius (Default = 50)
/init show - Shows the current turn order
/init next - Move to the next player on the turn order
/init add [player/character] - Add a player/character to the turn order
/init remove [player/character] - Remove a player/character from the turn order
/init clear - Reset the turn order


With spring looming, our staff and build team have been hard at work preparing some special events for the occasion!

Brewfest - Bringing back an ancient Roleplaycraft tradition, we will be hosting a Brewfest next week! It will be taking place in multiple cities and towns from March 19th to March 25th 2020!

Building Contest - We will also be hosting a building competition on a separate server! The theme of the competition is ‘Spring’ and will be judged by staff and polled by community members! This will be taking place after Brewfest has finished so prep your creative minds and get ready to jump into Spring! (March 26th to April 1st 2020)

The winner of the build contest will receive 5000 G and a special plot at spawn!


  • Red Poison - March 14th at 5PM CST!
  • Colosseum Trials now have Checkpoints! If you’ve defeated the miniboss a certain number of times, you’ll be able to start from the 11th wave rather than the 1st.
  • /me has been fixed!
  • /refer reward has been doubled
  • Colosseum GC rewards have been upped.
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