Roleplaycraft 1.6: A Roleplay Revamp

Roleplaycraft 1.6: A Roleplay Revamp

Hello all Roleplaycrafters! We are pleased to announce Roleplaycraft 1.6: An expansion that makes significant changes and refinements to how we’ll be approaching roleplay. We’ll walk through some changes we’ve made and detail the housekeeping we’re doing with regards to our lore.

Announcement of Appreciation

We would also like to take this time to spread some positivity as it seems really hard to find as of late with our current situations in life. These words are taken directly from our very own @FaintingHope:

“This community is an amazing place because of the many amazing people that are apart of it. In the coming days as more areas receive instructions to shelter in place, I know that you may feel isolated from others and need people to talk with, to help find a new normal while in the midst of something that is absolutely terrifying.

This community and server will remain open and operational for as long as is humanly possible. Those of us trusted as your staff team will be working our hardest to keep things going strong, to make sure that there is a place you can spend your time with others, be it playing Minecraft, roleplaying with friends, exploring other games, or just generally being here so that you aren’t alone.

Things are tough, life is overwhelming and extremely stressful, but it’s the friends and family we have here that are always willing to do their part to help set you right again, that have your back when you need it the most.

In the coming days, we’ll need each other more than ever. I encourage and ask you to make new friends in addition to those that you might normally spend your time with. If you see someone on the server or discord, take the time to not only say hi but ask how they are doing. It could mean the world to them.

We’re all in this together and even though the chips seem down, I know the best of us is still to be seen.

Yours, :green_heart: - RoleplayCraft”


We are currently working on reshaping and rehashing out our Gods and Deities, as well as the outline of our Magic lore (what magic is, how it was created, how it can be used, etc.) We’re doing this to ensure there is no confusion between canon and non-canon in our roleplay setting.

What this means for Player-Submitted Lore
While we work on better organizing and refining the current canon lore and reworking our approval process, we will be temporarily holding off on canonizing new submissions.

Please feel free to continue to share your lore and submit items for possible inclusion once we finish working things out on our end. As always, thank you!

Classes and Skills

With the advent of Character Skills, we ask those of you with character bios on the forums to pick a class and a set of four skills to go with your character! To read more about this change, visit our Classes & Skills post in the Lore section.

New Commands!

/rpskill: Open up the Roleplay Skills GUI.
/itemshare: Displays the item type, name, lore, and enchantments on the item you’re holding to players within 50 blocks for a fee of $2
/colors: Lists all the color codes and how to use them
/ast: A new Villager+ feature that allows you to customize armor stands! Right-click with a tool to use it and left-click to bring up the next set of tools.

Behold… a true masterpiece! (Created using the new /ast command)

Racial Attribute Changes

Downside: 10% chance for an ore to not drop -> 15% reduced movement speed

Revision: The Elf race has been split into Wood Elf, High Elf, and Dark Elf. All retain the same racial attributes as the base Elf.

Upside: Invisible when shifted, 40% bonus movement speed -> 30% bonus movement speed
Downside: Maximum health of 8 hearts (rather than 10)

Upside: 200% health, damage, and speed once exposed to the moon -> 150% health, damage, and speed once exposed to the moon
Downside: 60% health and damage otherwise -> 80% health and damage otherwise

Downside: Lose hunger 1.2x as fast -> Can only eat meat items & buff items (golden apples & honey)

Downside: They have 7 hearts instead of 10. -> Take 20% more damage from mobs

Spawn Changes

You may notice that there are some new shops with decorations available around spawn! We hope that these will help to enhance your roleplay experience while also making your Minecraft homes a lovelier place to live in!


  • We recently reached the $200,000 goal needed to launch our Dynmap!
  • Trial Rewards (/warp arena) have been upped.
    • Warrior: $1350 -> $1800
    • Gladiator: $1800 -> $2400
    • Veteran: $2250 -> $3000
  • /duel Updates
    • Duel glitch where one player dies of fire damage and the duel is unresolved should be fixed
    • Duel glitch where a player watching in spectator mode can cancel the duel should be fixed
    • You can now duel for a bet of $0 (/duel challenge [player] 0)
  • Our Companions feature has been temporarily disabled while we work on resolving some issues