RoleplayCraft 1.7: Let's Have some Fun in the Sun!

Hello Roleplaycrafters! This is a Major Update with lots and lots to talk about so go relieve yourself, grab some cookies and milk and lets get ready for Summer Fun in the Sun after a few brief announcements!

:hammer_and_wrench: The RoleplayCraft Community, Website, Discord, and Forums :hammer_and_wrench:

The Staff team and leadership of the RoleplayCraft Community have recently gone back over our rules for the community and have made some small adjustments. We as a whole also pride ourselves over the simple rules and standards we set down and follow.

:open_book: Rules :open_book:

:one: Do read these rules.

:two: Do feel free to ask any questions!

:three: Do be nice and respectful to all players and staff. Avoid building right next to someone unless you have asked first.

:four: Do use common sense. Do not advertise other servers, spam, harass people, grief, cheat etc.
:five: Do not overuse swear words or insult other people.

:six: Do not use sexual references or other adult content (e.g. sexting, sexual acts, illicit drug references, excessive or shocking violence). Avoid engaging in or soliciting erotic role-play.

:seven: Do not use fully automatic or AFK resource gathering machines.

:eight: Do not be impatient. We respond when and if we have time.

:nine: Do not be unfair to your fellow roleplayers. Avoid god-modding, meta-gaming, game-throwing, raging, etc. Always ask to join someone else’s session.

:open_book: Terms and Conditions Policy :open_book:

Now this is something everyone should be familiar with and acquaint themselves with. We have recently drafted these Terms and Conditions which EVERYONE who joins/signs-in to RoleplayCraft will adhere to. You can always find them here: Please read them Thank you!

:open_book: Feedback :open_book:

We love hearing all of your feedback and answering your questions and concerns! We have decided as staff to discontinue the use of the feedback section on discord for a couple of reasons; one: it easily gets lost, and two: people can mute notifications of that channel of discord or just plain old forget to check that subsection of the discord community for RoleplayCraft. It has 100% been moved to the RoleplayCraft community website/forums. You can always submit your forums here: Now to answer some of your feedback.

Phantoms - As a staff team we have discussed phantoms and have decided to remove them from the game. We will be offering their dropped items in the Admin Shop at spawn for in-game currency!

Fly - As a staff team we have discussed and debated the use of fly. For the time being your request has been denied because there are ample amounts of other ways to get around and to get things done while playing on the Minecraft server. (e.g. scaffolding, elytra, teleporting, etc.) This also negates players engaging with their natural environment and hostile mobs.

This concludes the first portion of business with this massive announcement! Now onto the fun stuff!

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: In Game Content :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

now we move onto the fun stuff everyone! Get ready for Summer Fun in the Sun!

:performing_arts: Roleplay :performing_arts:

a member of our staff team Salrica has recently developed and designed a command to help create a better roleplay experience. Simply type in-game on the Minecraft server the command: ‘/rp’
It will bring you to an interactive menu (see the image below) where you can select a few different options that are all related to the roleplay experience. In this menu you will find:

  • Roleplay Name & Bio
  • Roleplay Health
  • Roleplay Skills & Abilities
  • Roleplay Loadouts


Clicking on each of the different icons seen above will take you to a specific section. Please note that Roleplay skills and abilities and modifiers are being worked on daily. This is a new system of us as well as it is a new system for you the players and we appreciate any and all feedback concerning this.

:crystal_ball: Isaac’s Store of Wonders :crystal_ball:

Are you tired of your quest rewards? Have you found no use for your quest rewards? Them come to Isaac’s Store of Wonders located in Lyconia! This is a Roleplay Interactive store, all quest rewards have a price, you just need to negotiate a little with te store clerk to get the best price! If you want to find Isaac’s Store of wonder’s simply go to /spawn in the Minecraft server!