RoleplayCraft 2.0 It's Been Awhile!

Hello all of RPC!

So it’s been awhile we have been hard at work behind the scenes and a lot of changes are coming! RoleplayCraft is currently being moved to a new hosting box in regards to former Staff members retiring from RoleplayCraft!

A big thank you to FaintingHope and AnAltoidsCan for hosting RoleplayCraft for the many years of leadership and hours they put into the server. I would like to announce our new owner who has kindly offered to take care of RoleplayCraft for many more years to come. Please welcome, @SkittlezdaHusky our new lovely owner who has been around RPC for many years! As she has stated in her discord post in the RoleplayCraft Discord if you have any questions please feel free to send her a direct message.

What’s Happening Now?
Well with the new change in ownership we are currently as of Today July 27th,2020 migrating the server to its new hosting box. With this, we are expecting at least one to two days of downtime and will keep you posted if anything else changes.

With the migration of the server, we will be upgrading to Minecraft version 1.16.1 and we will be keeping on the map of Lyconia for a little while longer while we are finishing up the new map. The expected release of the new map is still to be determined at this time.

We will be in a timely manner updating our forums and discord to reflect any new changes taking effect and we will keep you posted! Currently, you may notice these changes over the next couple of weeks.

Hoping everyone is well and staying safe in these current times,
Your friendly staff member of RoleplayCraft IkovRaven :blue_heart:

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