RoleplayCraft 2.3 Server Updates

Hello Roleplaycrafters!

:maple_leaf: Coming at you with another update! It’s been a little while! I hope everyone is doing well after the summer holidays and getting back into school/fall routine! A couple of housekeeping things:

:books: Lore :books:

:open_book: God Lore is 99.99% Complete we are waiting on last-minute edits that will be coming within the week! Gnome lore, Vampyre lore, and Druidism are also in the works you will be seeing pop up into existence on the forums in the next little while!

:bookmark: Feedback :bookmark:

We also have listened to your feedback!

:crescent_moon: Cant pass the night because the rest of the server is not sleeping? Well, now you can! We implemented a data pack that is server-side and doesn’t require clients to download anything! simply one person can sleep in a bed and pass the night away!

:wind_chime: Skyfolk and other Flying races now have the enchantment Unbreaking 3 added to their elytra. We also reccomend before putting on your Elytra making sure you have the enchantments you want on it first, alternatively you could also run the elytra through a grindstone to remove anything you do not want on it.

:open_book: We also loved your feedback about our forums and how it is hard to navigate, We are in the process of creating Master Posts to better sift through our lore to find what you are looking for! Here is one of our current master posts!

:open_file_folder: We have also adjusted and Created a New Players - Read Me First!
Hopefully this will be easier to read and follow when telling your friends about us and how to submit a whitelist application to join our server!

:racehorse: Settlements, Warps and Ranks :racehorse:

:sunflower: We are currently implementing a new settlement and warping system with benefits. just a preview of what you could gain from this is a Warp for your town/settlement, a new rank/title, expereience boosts, shipments of goods and materials… You should see a forum for this within a few days so keep your :eyes: out for the post!

:shield: Ranks :shield:
We are also going to be implementing over the next few weeks some new server ranks/titles! A Preview of what is to come:

  • Nobles
  • Lords

These ranks will also have benefits! So stay tuned for more!
A New rank that has been added to the staff roster is the rank of Helper.

:banana: Helpers are there to assist you with any questions you may have, and direct you to places in-game, on discord, or our forums, or escalate urgent matters to other members of the staff team. They are also there to assist other staff members with moderation when necessary. They are there to help facilitate roleplay quests, and events!

:dizzy: New Staff :dizzy:

Say hello to our new members of staff!

:banana: Helpers :banana:

  • Raziel_Sai
  • Tavei

:lemon: Moderators :lemon:

  • kolbi26

:star2: I would just like to take the time to say thank you to the wonderful community! Ever bit of feed back, questions, comments and concerns are very appreciated! We try our best to answer and get to everyone as soon as possible! I really hope everyone is staying safe, and happy, and in good health, and enjoying every aspect of life, work, or school. I simply can not wait to see everyone’s stories and adventures they share! :slight_smile:

—Love, Your RoleplayCraft Staff Team :heart: