Roleplaycraft Features List

Table of Contents

Part 1: Commands (Non-Roleplay)
Part 2: Economy [Basics, Protections, Chest Shops]
Part 3: Systems [Ranks, Race Attributes, Referrals, Trials]
Part 4: Roleplay [Roleplay Commands, Character Bios, Lore]
Part 5: Miscellaneous [Map, Brewery Guide, Instruments]

Commands (Non-Roleplay)

/vote - Use this to get the links to our three voting sites: PlanetMinecraft, MCSL, and TopG
/changerace [Race] - Changes your race. Usable by Villager+. Cooldown of two weeks. Note: You have to ask an Admin if you want to change to a custom race.
/lore - Add lore to items. Setting a lore line costs $50, removing a lore line costs $25, and setting a name costs $25.


Players start with 500 G. Warps will be sold for 10,000 G each (unless they’re in a town that’s part of a kingdom). We have an admin shop at spawn and use the Chest Shops plugin.
We also sell physical currency at /warp bank.
In addition, we have a Black Market somewhere in spawn. Hint: It’s by the bamboo!

Just ask a staff member for a personal protection. Refer to Towns, Cities, and Kingdoms - Read Me First! for more info on town protections and town feature prices.

Chest Shops Tutorial
Just put items in a chest and place a sign over it in the following format.

Number of items
B/S Price
Item Type



The basic starting rank for players on the server.

This rank is awarded to players who create a forum account and register via a forum application.
Read more here: New Players - Read Me First!

Applied for via forum, eligible 2 months after Villager forum application.

Race Attributes

  • Human
    • Upside: No downside
    • Downside: No upside
  • Dwarf
    • Upside: Haste 2 applied when mining
    • Downside: 10% chance for an ore to not drop
  • Elf
    • Upside: Deal double damage with a bow or crossbow
    • Downside: Deal half damage with other weapons
  • Halfling
    • Upside: Invisible when shifted, slightly faster movement speed
    • Downside: Take 2x damage from falling
  • Goblin
    • Upside: Gain 2x gold from mining
    • Downside: Suffer “Gold withdrawal syndrome” after 5 minutes of not touching gold
  • Half Elf
    • Upside: Night Vision during night.
    • Downside: 5% less experience (orb) gain
  • Gnome
    • Upside: 10% chance to not lose durability when using a sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, bow, trident, or crossbow. 10% chance for armor to not lose durability when taking damage from monsters or players.
    • Downside: 0.5% chance of a Gnome Hunter spawning instead of a normal monster.
  • Orc
    • Upside: 1.2x damage against mobs
    • Downside: 1.4x mob spawn rate
  • Werewolf
    • Upside: 200% health, damage, and speed when exposed to the moon
    • Downside: 60% health and damage otherwise
  • Vampyre
    • Upside: Starting iron helmet and 50% chance to heal 0.5 hearts on attacking an enemy.
    • Downside: Start burning when exposed to the sun without a helmet
  • Lizardfolk
    • Upside: Can eat rotten flesh, spider eyes, and raw chicken without being poisoned
    • Downside: Lose hunger 1.2x as fast
  • Merfolk (aka Aquans)
    • Upside: Conduit power, dolphin’s grace, and haste when underwater
    • Downside: Slowness, weakness, and mining fatigue applied to them when on land.
  • Skyfolk (aka Ceetak)
    • Upside: Free unbreakable elytra
    • Downside: They have 7 hearts instead of 10.
  • Custom (Make one up!)
    • Same attributes as Humans

You can receive in-game currency for referring other players to our server!
Here’s how it works:

  1. Type in /refer [playername] before they first join the server.
  2. The player must join the server within 30 minutes of you typing the command.
  3. When they join, you get a $50 reward for referring the player!
  4. If the player ends up playing on Roleplaycraft for over an hour, you get a $100 bonus!
  5. If the player makes a villager application, you get another $100! (this can be before or after the hour is up)

At /warp arena, you can access the Colosseum’s Trials!

Trials consist of 20 waves which you must battle through and complete to gain rewards! Right-clicking on one of the Trial signs by /warp arena with an empty inventory will teleport you into the arena and begin the Trial.

McMMO and Racial bonuses are disabled during a Trial, only one person can attempt a Trial at a time, and you will be kicked out of the Trial if you use your fist/disconnect/die/drop items.

Be warned, though! Completing even the first trial is no easy feat (for experienced players too)!

Trials consist of custom enemies that spawn in waves, with the 10th wave being a Mini-boss and the 20th wave being the Boss. Easier Trials must be completed before the harder Trials.
The rewards for the Trials are as follows:

  • Trial of the Challenger: Mark of the Challenger (Pin) and $600. $20 on subsequent clears.
  • Trial of the Warrior: Mark of the Warrior (Pin) and $900. $30 on subsequent clears.
  • Trial of the Gladiator: Mark of the Gladiator (Pin) and $1200. $40 on subsequent clears.
  • Trial of the Veteran: Mark of the Veteran (Pin) and $1500. $50 on subsequent clears.


Roleplay Commands
/roll [Num] [Mod]: Roll a dNum+Mod. Defaults to d20
/sit: Sit!
/rpname [Name]: Set your roleplay display name to [Name]
/rpname reset: Reset your roleplay name
/rpbio [Link or text]: Add a character bio link or summary that can be seen using /rpinspect or right-clicking on the player
/rpbio reset: Reset your roleplay bio
/rpinspect [player]: Inspect a player’s IGN, RP name, and RP bio
/pin: Equip a Pin as your favorite when holding one, clear your favorite Pin if you aren’t

Character Bios
Character Bio Submissions

Roleplaycraft Lore Masterpost


Map of Lyconia

Brewery Guide
Roleplaycraft Brewery Guide

Crafting Recipes
Snare Drum
Bass Drum

Keyboard Mode
Use /keyboard to enable Keyboard Mode, a mode that autoplays a note whenever you hover over it.
Note: At the moment, you can’t play a note twice without either using right-click or switching to a different item and back.

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