RoleplayCraft Lore 1.0: Say Hello to your Lore Team!

Hello Roleplaycrafters! Say Hello and Welcome to your newly established Lore Team! We are spearheading and tackling all things related to Lore for RoleplayCraft. Now with this we have a few things to update you on in regards to lore for RoleplayCraft.

:loudspeaker: Welcome and Hello to your RoleplayCraft Lore Team! :loudspeaker:
Say Hello to your new and lovely Lore Team members! Each person will introduce themselves a little bit at some point.

  • Omri
  • Serilynia
  • IkovRaven
  • Filthy_Lizard (Dom)
  • DoctorZiel

:bookmark: Lore and the Forums :bookmark:
Okay now onto the main reason for this update we have recently changed what and how we are processing Lore on the forums and to produce and facilitate a wonderful roleplaying experience. So now you’re probably asking ‘What do I do if I want to create and submit lore to the forums?’ Well it is quite simple Here let me explain the process for you!

RPC Forums

You will see here on the picture above that there are two categories in regards to Lore! We now have The Official Lore Category and The Lore Proposals Category! To create and submit new lore we ask that you click on the ‘lore proposals’ category to create your new lore topic.

When you create a new topic in the Lore Proposals Category a few things will take place:

  1. A Member of Staff/ Part of the Lore team will write you a note saying that your article is being looked at and you will be contacted in a timely manner in regards to your post.
  2. Once you have been contacted, you should receive some constructive criticism/suggestions on how your post may be accepted as ‘Cannon’ Official Lore, or a significant reason as to why your lore topic has been denied. Now this does not mean that you can not submit lore in the future!
  3. If your Topic in Lore Proposals has been accepted it will be moved to the Official Lore Category and Locked! However If your lore topic has been denied it will be locked or deleted from the Lore Proposals Category.

Please Read and Understand the RoleplayCraft Terms and Conditions Policy in regards to anything you do on the forums, discord and ingame.

Thank-You for your Patience and Understanding!

  • The RoleplayCraft Team.