Scaranthia, Rogues Guild, Lytrik Forest, and Automatons

Scaranthia is a medium city settled to the south west of Tyrconis, with a Greece theme, and its also the capital of innovation. Scaranthia was settled on top of the ruins of an ancient civilization who settled long before the continent itself was settled.

These ancient people were known as “Atherians” and were from a plane different to our. They chose to come to this plane because it lacked any specific energy, meaning they could use it as a base of operations for experiments with their tech. While they were here they developed a way of taking energy from other planes and storing it in specially made phylacteries. The energy they harnessed reacted with things of our plane and thus they used it to make tools, weapons, and any other beneficial things. All of this is common knowledge among scholars. What isn’t common knowledge is that the device they used to pull in this energy is called “The Quermalcotaz” and is buried deep beneath the city in collapsed ruins, sitting in its chamber, unharmed. The ruins collapsed 34 years into their stay when they tried pulling energy in from an unknown plane and it reacted violently and dangerously with the objects of our plane. The energy transformed the phylactery it was stored in and escaped causing the collapse and killing the scientists in the process. The remaining Atherians ventured away and made their own colonies and were either wiped out or assimilated into other races when the continent was settled. The Quermalcotaz however, has not been shut off and has been slowly releasing this volatile energy into our plane, causing Lytrik Forest, the forest surrounding beside Scaranthia, to become alive and sentient. The forest will destroy trespassers and the horrors that lie within are seldom seen, as anything unwanted that enters does not come out.

The metals that reside in the ruins are imbued with this energy and in turn can be dangerous, but if handled properly, can lead to brilliant creations.

Scaranthian artificers have developed automatons from a blueprint found within the ruins. These Automatons are construed from a core that contains the energy, and surrounded by metal from the ruins, and this seems to keep it both stable and usable. They are not sentient though, they are merely a tool that can be manipulated by augmenting the energy from the core. They cannot be given complex commands or use tools or weapons, they have to be constructed with the implements built in. An experienced caster is able to manipulate 10 at a time, but cannot have them do different actions. The automatons will continue to perform their task until it is fulfilled or they are destroyed; and if they are destroyed the core will explode and become unusable but all other parts of them can be recycled.

The Rogue’s Guild was created by Tal,Zelza Myrimeth, a well seasoned Mage-Thief, in an effort to protect The Quermalcotaz from the world. the Rogues guild is set up in the ancient ruins but the public only knows that they have a base above ground. the guild acts in secret to dissuade any scholars or archaeologists that ask about the atherians in order to keep the ancient tech out of evil or unjust hands.

Scaranthia and The Guild are politically unaligned and prefer to create and innovate, rather than destroy and conquer. Scaranthia is open to anyone as long as they follow the rules of the city.