Seri Smallburrow

Seri Smallburrow
Nickname: None!
Personal Information
Race: Halfling
Age: Adult
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Nationality/Ethnicity: Unknown
Religion: Follower of Hahranah(Goddess of Life and Fertility),
Maya(Goddess of Love and Union)

Seri Smallburrow is rather tall for a halfling female. Her physique is sharply, and attractively robust. Fair, and lightly sun kissed skin. With rust red and copper hair. A slight dusting of feckless on along the bridge of her nose. Large, and expressive hazel green eyes beneath long lashes.

Height: 3’6
Weight: unknown
Hair: Rust red and copper. Long, thick, and Curly
Eyes: Hazel Green
Mannerisms: Polite, friendly, and inquisitive
Voice: Higher pitched, and melodic

Family and Friends
Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased
Siblings: 2
Extended Family: Unknown
Children: None
Friends: Easily made
Alliances: None

Seri Smallburrow grew up in a typical halfling village, and was the youngest of three. Her father was a farmer/merchant, and her mother took care of the burrow. Plants and their magical properties always fascinated her. When she found out that other items in this world held small traces of magic she became obsessed. Every chance she could she would go with her father to market or to the near by human settlement.
Upon reaching adulthood she set out to see what more the world had to offer. Traveling town to town, region after region in search of what other plants and alchemical items. Eventually, homesickness made it’s way into her heart, and she set her course back to home. Seri was not prepared for the sight before her when she finally reached the top of the hill looking out over the village of her birth. Rubble, and devastation as far as the eyes could see. Bodies of loved ones and neighbors scattered here and there. In the street, and in their homes. The sight before her brought Seri to her knees. Tears streamed down her face leaving paths through the dust of her travel. Heartbreak and grief rooted themselves to her very core as she buried those around her. Forlorn, and listlessly Seri carried herself to the nearby human village. The very one that she had visited with her father during her childhood. There she set herself up at a local inn. Days turned to weeks and weeks into months. Her time was spent drowning in her melancholy. Until, one day a traveler spoke of an orc raiding party. The same one that had plundered her village. Apparently, not all had perished. Some of the halflings fled into the forest, and other were taken. The depression that had once overwhelmed her was replaced with hopeful resolve! She would set out to find her lost kin!

Characteristics and Personality
Occupation: Herbalist/Alchemist
Education: ----- -----
Strengths: Optimistic resolve
Weaknesses: Strongly connected to emotions
Likes/Hobbies/Values: Music, feasting, good company, plants, and potions
Dislikes/Phobias: Nervous around orcs.
Fatal Flaws: ----- -----
Skills: Herbalism, Farming, Archery, Potions
Dreams/Long-term Desires: Expand her knowledge of plants, and potions. Most importantly, to find her siblings and lost kin
Mental Stability: Currently Stable; Still feels the loss of her village and kin
Secrets: Unknown

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