Shadow's profile

Character Name: Shadow

  • Name(s) and Titles: Emperor of Teikoku and Shoto. Dragon Slayer
  • Nickname(s) or Alter-Egos N//A: Masked Samurai

Personal Information:

  • Race: Changeling
  • Age: Mental/Physically: Mentally: 35 Physically 21
  • Gender/Lack of Gender: Male
  • Sexuality/Lack of Sexuality: Straight
  • Nationality/Ethnicity: Teikokujin and Shotojin
  • Religion/Lack of Religion: Draconism


  • Height/Weight 5’ 6"
  • Hair: Length, Colour, Styling: 4 inch-long hair, extremely black hair (almost as black as Tenebris’ sky) usually messy hair but when in formal occasions combed backwards
  • Eyes: Colour, Glasses: Purple (like Corr’horn’s eyes)
  • Commonly Worn Clothing: Yukata, and samurai clothing, as well as a few other feudal japan clothing.
  • Physical Mannerisms: rubs his chin and sometimes can’t keep his fingers and toes still
  • Scars/Injuries: Two big scars on his back that look like an X and several scars on his face
  • Voice: Accent, Tone, Volume, Slang Usage: Accent is Japanese, usually a kind tone, but sometimes commanding… low to mid-volume most of the time, loud when commanding, and some Spanish as Japanese and English have very similar pronunciations. Swears a lot.

Family and Friends:

  • Father: 黒 (Kuro) Shoto’s and Teikoku’s late emperor
  • Mother: 由美子 (Yumiko) Shoto’s and Teikoku’s late empress
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Extended Family: N/A
    *Wife: Winter (WinterCraft147)
  • Children: Jackpepper147
  • Alliances: Groups or Individuals

Backstory: Shadow is the only heir of the imperial family he’s fought in many battles and killed uncountable Shadowmelders as well as destroyed Corr’horn’s pieces of soul that appear in the end.

Characteristics and Personality: Shadow doesn’t talk too much, he prefers listening and think about how to answer. He tends to be cold but at the same very charming with Shoto’s inhabitants. As he is the emperor and therefore Teikoku’s and Shoto’s face, he always seems to be a calm and polite person; but, when he goes to war he loses his mind and becomes very cruel and unstoppable, he’s worried his people will be scared of him if they know what he does so he wears a panda mask.

  • Occupation: Emperor of Teikoku, Shoto, and the ninja guild.
  • Education: he was taught everything he needs to be an emperor, economy, strategy, politics, languages arts, and samurai training
  • Strengths: When he loses his mind he becomes twice as strong and doesn’t feel pain
  • Weaknesses: When he loses his mind he doesn’t care about being injured and that made him be close to dying several times, also it takes months for him to heal his injuries
  • Languages English, Spanish, Japanese
  • Likes/Hobbies/Values; Swordsmanship, drawing, writing, talking with his people and spend time with his wife.
  • Dislikes/Phobias: Darkness (once Corr’horn got in his mind while he has having a nightmare, since that day he becomes insane and bloodthirsty while fighting), lies, and death.
  • Fatal Flaws: Doesn’t care about being injured while fighting and the only thing that keeps him under control is his wife
  • Dreams/Long-term Desires: To destroy Corr’horn forever, fight as many wars as possible, make every ruler kneel before Teikoku and find a way to train Shadowmelders
  • Mental Stability/Lack of: sometimes he completely loses his mind to the point of not recognizing his allies. The only thing that keeps his mind under control is his wife.
  • Secrets: He wants to train Shadowmelders to use them as weapons against his enemies. When he is alone and feels like he’s about to lose his mind, he licks the blade of his sword because it reminds him of the taste of blood

Extra Questions: Use these to inspire you to create a fully realized character!

  1. What is your character’s one item they cannot live without?: wedding ring, and his sword
  2. What is in their way in life?: Tries to be humble,
    he likes to show off as well, he listens to everyone’s opinion before making up his mind.
  3. How has this character developed within the last few years?: He was lost in life, at the beginning he didn’t want to be an emperor and he used to hate his father, but nowadays he is his inspiration.
  4. What matters most to your character?: Truth, and the happiness of his people and family.
  5. What’s your character’s type or archetype?:
  6. If you could describe your character in one sentence, what would you say?: His heart is filled with the darkest shadow but at the same time, his soul is as bright as the sun.
  7. What would break your character mentally?: Losing his wife and/or his sword.
  8. Who influenced your character the most?: His wife and father

Roleplay Modifiers

  • Health:
  • Unique Gear: The Gods Slayer (a sword inherited from his ancestors, originally used to kill Corr’horn and never loses its sharpness)
  • Abilities:
  • Special Skills:
  • Offensive Skills:
  • Defensive Skills:
  • Utility Skills: