Shops, Markets, Buying and Selling

Attention heroes, vagabonds, newcomers and veterans!

Merchants and tradesmen from across the world are making deals for products and services everywhere!

List your shop, market, enchanted goods, homes for sale and more below to tell the world of what YOU want to BUY or SELL!

Happy hunting :slight_smile:

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Many vendors are available at \warp market

Eechs shop, to the right of the \warp market, is buying AND selling the following goods:
Oak Logs
Birch Logs
Dark Oak Logs
Pine Logs
Red stone
And a wide variety of stone types and aggregates

Send Eech a note with \mail send Eech
for anything you need.

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Way at the back of the market, at the magenta and white stall, I have everybody’s favorite enchantment books for sale.

Mending (30% less than the black market!)
Silk Touch (Overstock sale! Now only $500!)
Fortune III
Unbreaking III
Sharpness IV

If there’s an enchantment you want, and it’s not in my shop, just ask. I can probably extract it from one of my minions.

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At the white and light blue stall at spawn, near useless things are sold. So far, here is what is offered:

Wheat Seeds

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You are funny:) That made me laugh out loud.

@ The Golden Teacup in Faerin
At Teacup square in Faerin the yellow teacup shop, currently offered:

  • Glowstone Dust
  • Melon Slices
  • Vodka
  • If looking for specialty Items send a request here on the noticeboard looking for Lauryn!

I have dropped ALL of my prices to keep up with the dropping price of emeralds. All enchanting books at my shop have been reduced by $100 to $300 (Mending is a mere $600 now!).

For all you archers, I’ve also added:
Piercing IV
Power IV
and Infinity

I’m also selling Bookshelves for $35 each. With the new reduced price on Enchanting Tables, you can buy everything you need to fully kit out your enchanting room for less than $800!

Stop by to see all the prices. I’m at the magenta and white stall at the very back of the market.

(Please consult the Minecraft Wiki for enchanting incompatibilities. Use of enchanting products is at your own risk. Bonobo Enchanting Enterprises shall not be held responsible for incompatible enchantments, experience point shortages, anvil breakages, loss of life, loss of limbs, growth of extra limbs, accidental demonic summonings, explosions, implosions, or Armageddon.)

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