Skem Landseer

Character Name: Skem Landseer

Race: Ratman

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual and Married.

Class: Ranger
Hunting Shot - 1d20 (No Cooldown) [Default]
Overdrawn Shot - 1d20+2 (2 Turn Cooldown)
Wild Salve - +1 HP for self OR ally (4 Turn Cooldown)
Poison Arrow - 1d20 Roll to debuff target by -5 for Rolls for 2 Turns (4 Turn Cooldown)
Find Cover - 1d20 to gain +3 on Defensive Rolls unit you attack (3 Turn Cooldown)

Nationality/Ethnicity: Clan Hife

Religion: Eldranist.

Appearance: Pale brown furred, hunchbacked, with beady yellow eyes. His fur is dyed red in a stripe across his neck.

Height: 4.5 ft

Hair: Pale brown

Eyes: yellow

Commonly Worn Clothing: Either a green robe with a red shawl or his scout uniform.

Physical Mannerisms: twitchy as all ratmen are, but holds his head up high. Noble.

Scars/Injuries: None.

Voice Accent, Tone, Volume:

Family and Friends: All of Clan Hife.

Alliances: None, as of yet.

Backstory: Skem was born into the role of a scout, he regularly explored highly dangerous locations for all sorts of jobs, be it to map out the ever expanding underground web of tunnels that the ratmen dwell in, or to collect valuable intelligence on enemy movements. Due to his highly effective track record, he was chosen for the role of scouting out the surface world, mapping out where all the major players of the world are and, if necessary, laying the groundworks for any diplomatic relations to come.

Characteristics and Personality: Noble, with a no-nonsense attitude.

Occupation: Surface Scout/Diplomat.

Education: Combat, Stealth and a crash course in Diplomacy.

Strengths: Map Making, Scouting, and Stealth, Long Range Combat.

Weaknesses: Not great at close range combat, at all.

Likes/Hobbies/Values: Considers himself a cartographer, even mapping out places in his off time.

Dislikes/Phobias: Dislikes dwarves, as he feels they get all the good ores, though he does his best to keep it from hindering his work on the surface.

Fatal Flaw: Ambition.

Skills: He is an excellent scout, and knows any skills necessary to make that a reality, like survival, tracking, and stealth.

Dreams/Long-term Desires: The expansion of Clan Hife to the surface world, a greater world for the ratmen.

Mental Stability/Lack of: Quite stable.