Skyfolk elytras and other flying races

Hi, I believe that the elytras for skyfolk (or other races with wings) should be unbreakable, birds don’t break their wings by just flying, if they can break and they have curse of binding then you can’t fix them, also to take them off you have to die so you will lose your XP levels and you won’t be able to fix or enchant them, if they have curse of binding or not is up to you… but if you think it a little bit it’s really unfair… I know you had problems in the past with people selling unbreakable elytras illegally… idk if there is a way to solve that problem… but being a flying race is completely useless with those wings… thanks for reading and please let me know if you read this and if you are going to do something about that

Should probably inform you that yes, we are currently discussing the mechanics of skyfolk.

Will update with more info when we come do a decision.