SlushScream's Villager Application

My minecraft username is “SlushScream”

I have been playing minecraft eversince it came out on xbox 360, but recently got it on PC about two weeks ago (July 2021).

I found out about it from my friends Roar, WDScribbles, and Sushi_Witch.

I have not been banned on any server or community ever.

I have read and agree to the TOS and the Community Rules/Guidelines.

My desired Race would be the Vampyre.

I really like playing minecraft with friends and love to meet new people, I’m also a big goof and huge nerd who loves a lot of things. If this is approved I can’t wait to play and build on this server, it seems like a very fun one with an amazing community of amazing people.

Flattered that I’m considered a friend already. Approved though!